29 January 2008

Firey Computer Death

My laptop may be on its last leg these days, and I am trying my hardest to transfer my 26GB of music onto my external hard drive before the whole thing explodes into pieces of angry, molten laptop. The problem lies within the fact that my computer likes to transfer about two gigs of music, then shut down in the middle of the transfer. Without warning or blue screen of death, there will just be sudden black nothingness. The best part is how it likes to transfer the folders randomly, instead of alphabetically, so I get to search for the remaining folders! Yay!

J thinks he may have found a trojan, and we found a mysterious file that I did not install. We're both crossing our fingers that it just snuck in with something else I did instal, and not that someone is remotely accessing my computer and gathering identity theft material.

While there are plenty of updates, I've spent most of my free time knitting instead of updating this blog. I started a knitting blog, just in case that's what you're interested in, and you probably won't be finding much of it here, anymore.