31 October 2006

Happy Halloween!

We carved pumpkins at work yesterday. There were four teams while I was there (I left early to see my orthodontic surgeon. More on that later): Valerie and me, Marketing and Neil, The Engineers, and Scott (Scott was his own team, as far as I know).

Everyone was to vote for the winning pumpkin today. I think that the engineers, given that there were a million of them (four), rigged the votes. Because Valerie and I were robbed.


It makes me sick.


30 October 2006

Monday Madness - Reader Participation III

Small town or big city?

I am from a medium sized city that masquerades as a small town, and now live in a big city that has small town charm (also, takes up probably about a quarter of the space as my old "big city"). I think I could survive in either, but I prefer bigger cities.

Do you have a favorite childhood memory, and if so, would you share it?

I don't have one at the moment. But it's a good prompt for a later entry of mine!

How do you calm down when something has really upset and/or angered you? Do you swallow it? Call a friend and rant? Go in the bathroom and cry? Punch a wall? Walk around muttering to yourself, complete with scary hand gestures?

I pretty much do all of those. Well, maybe not the swallow it one. I will rant to anyone who will listen, I usually cry, sometimes I throw things (I don't know that I've ever punched a wall. Pillows, yes.), I do mutter to myself, sometimes, too -- but when I'm really angry, muttering doesn't cut it -- there must be SCREAMING.

What attracts you to memes?

I only do this one, because I feel like I'm part of the community, even though I rarely comment on other people's blogs (but I do read them, y'all!). I don't do others, because mostly, I think I should be original enough and intelligent enough to write about things without prompts. (I'm not)

How reliant are you on computers to get through your day?

110%. No, like, a thousand percent. One million percent.

In a crisis, are you calm or do you panic?

I can panic like the best of them. Complete with hysteria, crying, and fetal positioning.

27 October 2006

I swear, I'd burn down the city to show you the light

I walked home from Porter Square tonight, instead of Davis, because I felt like walking a little bit, and an overwhelming sense of sadness came over me, suddenly. I guess it only "lasted" for about two blocks, but it hit me hard and strong and it took me by surprise because it's been so long since I've felt this way.

I don't have any explanations. I have a full life. I'm happy, for the first time in years. I may be a little bit boring, I may not travel as much as I'd like to, but I'm happy. I have friends who love me, and more importantly, I have friends who I love. There are people in my life who are so important to me, I am not kidding when I say I would die for them.

So why was I hit with waves of unanswerable sadness today? Why, after so long, did I suddenly feel so lonely?

I don't let people in and then I'm frustrated that they seem distant. I don't want to feel like this. I don't want to be someone who needs someone, or even someone who wants someone. I want to be happy in solitude, not burdened with loneliness.

But sometimes what I really want is just for someone to hold me while I fall asleep, and wake up in my bed beside me. Not enough to...to what? Not enough to let people in?

I don't even know, anymore.

Looking for someone to trust

I have to say that I am a big fan of the way iTunes categorizes music in the "iTunes music" folder. I like to watch it. I like to throw music in there and click on it and open iTunes and then see a new folder appear. And watch all of the information pop up. It's like the most serious kind of magic, and it's absolutely mesmerising.

It wasn't always this way. Maybe even for years (how long have I had iTunes now?), I threw my music into the "my music" folder, and was irate when iTunes tried to override that and "organize" my music for me. I mean, really. How dare this computer presume to know more than me about how my music should be categorized?

However, my collection of music is growing at an almost alarming rate, and having all of my thousands of songs in one folder is kind of cumbersome. Besides, when I rip CDs onto my computer, they're already subject to iTunes strict regime of music categorization. Nazis.

So, imagine my surprise when I installed iTunes at work, and it just automatically did everything for me, but I started to like it. Or maybe I was just too tired to resist. I had downloaded some music at purevolume.com. It came in a standard mp3 file format from teh internet. You know, underscores...Poorly titled, etc. I threw it into the iTunes music folder and it disappeared. I was livid. What the hell had happened to this file? But when I went to iTunes, there it was, with the album information and everything. I am a convert.

I didn't think I could talk about iTunes for so many paragraphs, but here I am, still talkin' about iTunes.

Anyway, speaking of iTunes, I was listening to the only Joseph Arthur song I have right now, and you know how sometimes you can have a song in your playlist, and you've heard it a hundred times before, but it ends up...I don't know...Finally catching at some point? Maybe you can finally relate it to something in your life, or you just hear it differently, or you finally listen to the words or something? That happened right now. I always liked the song because of the lyric "Like pigeons on my windowsill we hang around," but this time the rest of the song made me cry. Maybe I'm just tired?

I sincerely doubt it.

[Currently Spinning: Joseph Arthur - Honey and the Moon]

26 October 2006

Without running the risk of anything real

Um...wow. *Kicks ground with toe*

So, I haven't been around in a while; again.

Lots of things have happened, though, which is perhaps why I haven't been around.

The biggest news these days is that I finally bought a DS Lite, which was one of the more embarrassing situations I've been in recently, but in a funny way that makes me wish my life were a TV sitcom.

See, I stood in line for a while, which allowed me to fully absorb and appreciate the fact that I was standing in line with a bunch of guys whose avid hobby lifestyle it is to play videogames, and they seemed completely natural in that line. Me? I was a little nervous and felt out of place, asking for a "pink DS Lite, please." I kept playing it in my head to try to get it right, and prayed a little bit that I was going about the whole thing correctly (like, there weren't any actual cartridge packs up front, so I assumed I needed to ask, like in a video store, but I didn't realy know, you know?) Anyway, I marched right up to the counter, having decided that "this is for my sister. For her birthday. I'm too old for this or something, so I'll ask about a D..S...Lite? Like someone asked me for this, and I have no idea what a DS...Lite is, and it comes in pink, maybe?" Which is where, I think, I went wrong. Especially in execution. I sort of mumbled, "d'you guys have any pink DS Lites left?" The gamer girl ringing me up said, "Sure," and got up to grab one for me, but while she was a few feet away, before I could stop myself, I blurted out, (in what was probably a quiet voice, but it sounded alarmingly loud in my head), "And the SPECIAL edition of Nintendogs? With the dalmatians and friends?... ...please?"

By the time I left the store, I was warm and tingly with the feeling of JUDGEMENT....everywhere. Not just from gamer girl and all the boys in there who overheard, but by myself, too.

So, anyway, I'm trying to get Mario Kart DS on eBay to avoid instances like this in the future.

And maybe I'll try to update this thing more.

[Currently Spinning: The Lemonheads - No Backbone]

23 October 2006

In Other Words...Watch Yo'self for the next...oh 3-5 days

Did I mention that I am in a FOUL MOOD?

And that J.D. Salinger is only helping when the pages are open?

And that I want the chocolate? And the caffeine? Intravenously (maybe not the chocolate)? And also, SNACKS!?


[Currently Spinning: Animal Collective - Grass]

22 October 2006

Ben Lee - Begin

I'm walking down broadway
Each foot step is a new love letter
I'm trying to make eye contact
With each and every stranger that I pass
Thinking about the city
It's living proof people need to be together
I'm thinking about how I just want to open up
And give and give and give
And it's ok for you to care
Cause I can feel you in the air
And while you wonder "how's this gonna end?"
I only want it to begin

I'm thinking about desire
I've had to learn how to sin successfully
I'm thinking about bliss
And bliss is all dressed up
And there's no one to dance with
Remembering her smile and the nuclear bomb
And the reasons I loved her
Walking through Central Park
I'm in a foriegn country and I'm waiting for a sign
That it's ok for you to care
Cause I'm not going anywhere
And while you wonder if you should let me in
I only want it to begin

I'm still singing
Twisting new melodies, breaking arrangements
Thinking about my heart
I guess you've heard, sometimes it's heavy
But I just keep moving
When I hit a wall, I look up at the sky
I'm thinking about my maker
In spite of all this I know she won't give up on me
And its ok for you to care
Cause I can taste you everywhere
While it's true
All straight things must bend
I only want it to begin

I only want it to begin

21 October 2006


I had two dreams last night; I can't tell if they were the same dream or not, but what I remember is this:

I found a bin of Polaroid cameras and film at some store. It was just this huge bargain bin of cameras and film all thrown in together. I found a camera that I really wanted, but couldn't find the film that it took. The more I looked through the bins, the more there seemed to be to look through. It was exhausting.

Later, I tried cutting my own hair. I just wanted a trim, but for some reason couldn't wait until my hair appointment the next day. I've been trying to grow my hair out, but I hacked it off to just above my shoulders and since it was all uneven, it would have to be much shorter when it was fixed.

I must have had some strange food in between the hours of 1:00 and 3:00 in the morning...

20 October 2006

The time will come to ditch the glamour and learn how to handle a gun

I'm sorry. I haven't been updating. I have my reasons, and I've been talking...to Laura, to my mom. It's hard to articulate the things that are consuming my thoughts right now. I read somewhere once that yes, [this blog] is a "window into my life, but I'm not exactly handing out telescopes." That's kind of how I feel right now. I don't know when I'll next feel like exposing any raw nerves of emotion, so in the meantime here are some thoughts to tide us over:

I feel so badly for T.R. Knight right now; being outed by an arrogant, selfish co-star. What the hell, people? How can a person exist who is so small, and so ugly inside, that they would say something like that? Even if it wasn't spoken with the venom that is being insinuated in the tabloids, it was still cruel. I love Dr. Burke; his character is one of my favorites on Grey's. But a) I like George more. You mess with Georgie and we have a problem, and b) I have trouble separating Isaiah Washington the prick with this fictional character he plays on the TV. Last night I sat there fuming for a while before I could just enjoy the show. He might get kicked off, which would be strange given the development between him and Cristina lately, and it would be sad, but there should be SEVERE repercussions for saying things like that when you're a celebrity who has a responsibility to the public eye.

Continuing the previous entry: I said something to my mom about someone I know who has tattoos. I do this on purpose sometimes. Because I have an itch inside that needs to be scratched. The "This would really set my mom off" itch. Last night, it wasn't so much about the itch as it was to prove an actual point about this person. I mentioned the tattoos, and she continued the conversation as though the word tattoo had never been uttered. Then, it took her a good twenty minutes to say, "And you know how I feel about self-mutilation," referring to a nurse she'd seen with a tounge piercing, (to which I almost said, "wow, I'll bet he's...you know.") "I mean, piercings...tattoos," she continued "...I just don't understand." And then we dropped it. And it was...SURREAL, but in a good way. She just doesn't understand -- no unnecessary judgement. Cool.

I had like a million other things to talk about, but as the day has worn on, my mood has grown darker and more foul.

On the plus side, T-baby is going to be in town this weekend. I heart Teresa, and I've missed her face with all my face -- just like I miss all of your faces when you're in Minnesota/The SOUTH/The J-pan/Chandler/Chi-town, and any other places my friends have been scattered.

[Currently Spinning: Ima Robot - Pouring Pain]

19 October 2006

Always a crowd pleaser

My mom, in an effort to improve our relationship, has been saying supportive things lately that I have to admit, make me chuckle inside. Sometimes outside, too.

I appreciate it, I do -- because she's being thoughtful of how her own decisions shouldn't necissarily be used as an example of what I should and should not do, since we chose very different paths in life.

Today, for instance, she said something about getting married. And then she back tracked and said, "Not that I'm insinuating in any way that you should be thinking about marriage. Now. Or ever, for that matter. I'm happy that you're single. Unless you don't want to be."

I also got to talk to my dad about his post-retirement plans. Apparently he's still considering making the coffin (you know. his coffin), and using it as an end of the bed chest until he...uh retires forever. But he's taller than the bed is wide. You do the math.

Okay, Lesson Learned

Going to the gym + a small bowl of cous cous for dinner + a martini and two beers = Bad Idea.

18 October 2006

Words of the Day


Main Entry: au.dac.i.ty
Function: noun
1 : the quality or state of being audacious : as a : intrepid boldness b : bold or arrogant disregard of normal restraints c : blatant indifference for the state of one's testicles [a friends ex had the audacity to even be on the same subway train as me, then, stood behind me when we both got off at the same stop, but completely ignored me and the fact that I glared at him from Central Square all the way to Davis]


Main Entry: re.straint
Function: noun
1 : a control over the expression of one's emotions or thoughts. [I showed incredible restraint by not turning around and kicking him in the nuts.]

Brought to you by the letters A and R, and the council for If You Hurt My Friends I Will Cut You.

13 October 2006

I'm kind of a big deal

Today, I reached the epitome of cool.

I left work and (wait for it) went to the gym. I tried to do a 5K, but frankly, if I can't get it down to under 35 minutes I'm not interested, so I did just under 3 miles. I lifted weights, then I came home. I don't know what I was planning, but I figured it would be somewhat exciting. Then, on the way home, I passed Brooke's. I thought about the q-tips I needed. And while I was there, I got a new toothbrush. And some paper towels. Oh, and I wanted to try that whitening Listerine. And then I remembered some medication I needed.

I seriously got to the checkout and started laughing. Here were these two guys behind me buying some snacks...and the girls in front of me buying some other non-household crap. And I was doing the most boring shopping known to man...on a Friday night.

I came home just in time for Grey's Anatomy, which I missed last night. Sounds like my night is planned, then.

Like I said -- I'm pretty much the coolest person you know.

Shut Up, I'm Clever. Even If I Haven't Had My Caffeine Yet

Well, Starbucks gift card, we've had a good run. It's been fun, and now I am more addicted than I was before, if that's even possible.

Thanks a latte.

12 October 2006

Daily Horoscope for October 12, 2006

Yes, things have been a blur lately -- but since your emotions are finally starting to slow down, your physical self should, too. Relaxation and comfort are more important than speed. Ease off the gas pedal and take the meandering road to your destination. Shortcuts will only frustrate you. Besides, following the scenic route is always more fun. There is no rush, no matter what deadlines you may be facing. You have much more time than you think.

(I'm a Capricorn)

[Currently Spinning: The Decemberists - The Crane Wife]

National Novel Writing Month

Evidently I am extremely charming.

This is news to me since just the other day I was confiding in a co-worker about the screaming inside my head that is my social anxiety. I guess I just tend to blow things way out of proportion up there, which [come to think of it] has been a pretty common theme in my life.

But anyway. I've decided that I'm going to participate in Nanowrimo this year. I say this every year (and I do things like this a lot. Case(s) in point: Paper cranes? The whole "I'm going to carry my Polaroid camera everywhere" idea? Yeah. A lot), but this year I am going to doit! I still don't have a subject, or characters, or even that one pivotal point around which the whole story revolves but I have a few weeks to think about these things. And no, I will not be posting it online. Ever. You'll just have to believe me. (Or get me very very drunk, after which I'll probably show it off/talk about it incessantly)

So that's my news. I'm going to wake up on the good side of the bed tomorrow. Although that's more of an order than a promise.

11 October 2006

I've been caught in between all you wish for and all you need


Sometimes when it rains, it freakin' pours. That's all I'm saying.

[Currently Spinning: Michael Stipe - In The Sun]

Down in your arms, your arms, I am a wild creature

The impermeable sadness that I'm feeling today is making me want to cry about everything. Every time I turn a corner I'm afraid I'll burst into tears. I didn't want to eat breakfast, so I cried. Laura's gone, I burst into tears. I forgot my lunch...I started sobbing. My mood is being punctuated by tiny swells of "everything's going to be fine. get it together," but I feel like I'm waiting for the bottom to drop out, and I'm scared because I'm not feeling much of anything these days, but when I do get overwhelming feelings of emotion, they're like this. Or do I just feel that way today? (I don't feel like I need to add that this is the worst day ever to feel this way)

Is it sad that I don't think I know how to be anything but numb these days? I feel like I should be happy, but when I know I should be happy I'm manic because it's forced.

I don't know if this makes any sense to anyone but myself. Or why I compulsively document these feelings when I let the beautiful joyous ones pass by without so much as a second thought.

That's the foundation I'm working with today.

I found shoes in my closet that I had forgotten I had, which either means that I have too many shoes, or I'm losing my memory. I want to go with the latter because I'm still uncertain that the former is even possible.

[Currently Spinning: The Mountain Goats - Broom People]

10 October 2006

Happy Birthday, Alisa!

Sometimes I have the weirdest dreams. Like when I dream that my bloglines menu for some category won't collapse. I only had two blogs in that category, but I was so frustrated that it would not collapse. How mundane and life like. If only my dreams were exciting things that I couldn't do in real life, thrilling things like jumping from airplanes or falling in love.

Anyway, I promised pictures, and so pictures I will deliver:

We went to iHop for Alisa's birthday. Thank goodness there were only three of us, because a fourth person wouldn't have had room for food on the table. We ordered an appetizer because we were already hungry (hey -- it takes an hour to get out there).


After the salty appetizer, we had our three types of french toast (stuffed, caramel with banana, and cinnamon swirl). I had my biscuits and gravy. Alisa finished...well, I haven't checked the time stamps, but it was fast. Basically, I blinked and Alisa had finished her meal:

Alisa's Done

Many minutes later, Laura and I followed suit.

The Damage

Then, we came home and Alisa tried to eat her birthday cake. She had told us when she bought it that this was for her, and we weren't allowed to help. After Dim Sum and IHOP this weekend, she rethought that. She let us help. We still didn't get very far.

Alisa's Birthday Ice Cream Cake

Happy Birthay Alisa! (Whose "thing" is that she doesn't read blogs, so she'll never see this, but Laura can tell her)

09 October 2006

"In These Shoes? I Don't Think So"

Two horrifying things happened to me today:

First, I found out that I had to sell my Jenny Lewis ticket (I'm still going to try to go if I can't sell it, but my love for Laura >>> my love for Jenny Lewis and those Watson Twins). Still, it was my big swooping sign of emotional independence -- going to this concert alone; or at least thinking about it, so it's hard to let it go. And sad.

Then, I found out that the Goo Goo Dolls will be at the Orpheum on December 1st. I tried to buy two tickets (for me and Alisa), and they were SOLD OUT. What the HELL, Ticketmaster?! Given the concerts I've bought tickets to before, and the other crap with which you flood my inbox, why would you not assume to alert me when the Goo Goo Dolls were in town?! Especially given all that inconvenient spam you send. JERKS!

Also, I read at pop candy that Joss Whedon confirmed what was already assumed; there will be no sequel to Serenity.

Anyway, that was my bad news for the day. Sometime soon, I'm going to have a picture-iffic post from Alisa's birthday. Actually, it's kind of gross when I think about it (if by gross, I mean awesome, which I do).

[Currently Spinning: In These Shoes? by Kristy MacColl]

07 October 2006

The one in which she talks about bacon. A lot.

Laura is here for the weekend!

I'm listening to The Decemberists' new album right now, and it's very good. Very mild, melodic...I don't know if I can deal with the 11 and 12 minute songs right now, though.

I am going to see Benji tonight. I mean the So You Think You Can Dance tour. I am so FLIPPING EXCITED. Except mostly I'm really tired and don't feel like showering. We're going to CPK first. I can never choose between the bacon on the california club pizza, or the chile on the carne asada pizza. It's a hard knock life.

Since this post is already ill-formatted and rambling, I thought I would take this time to document the topics of conversation last night that, honestly...how can people spend so much time talking about:

Bacon. Why we love bacon, how awesome bacon is, and how twenty pieces of bacon is not enough.

Lord of the Rings. Gimley. The Easter Egg on the third DVD. Big. Blue.

And yeah, we talked about other things, but both of these topics came up more than once, and especially with the bacon, lasted a long time.

You know why? Because we're awesome. Also, we may have scared Scott.

04 October 2006


Remember this? I actually prefer this version to the Irrational Exuberance animation. To each his own, I guess.

(Also, I don't know why anyone would care, or why this is important -- I guess I'm hoping she still reads my blog, and I don't want to "take credit" for thinking about posting this -- but "yellowninja" posted something about this on her blog today, which is why I tried to find the video. This used to keep me awake in studio, but it never occurred to me to translate it; she claims it's funnier that way)


Luke and Lorelai's relationship seems to have been obliterated.

Along with the dialoge and witty banter of the show.

Can anyone tell me what happened to the pop culture references? Surely, they can hire one person who is up on things now that they've let go of Amy Sherman Palladino and her husband (think of the $cash$ they're saving)? Maybe if they tried to at the very least hide behind a mask of hipness, they could convince us that the SLOOOOOOOWness between Lorelai and Rory is imagined. Or that the incredible predictability is just a product of our being So Smart (S-M-R-T).

Also, what about ME? I have this whole secret life that is based on a STRONG foundation of Gilmoreisms and Gilmore concepts. WWLGD?!

Rilo Kiley, A Star is Born, Grey Gardens, the Roomba that I've always wanted! All of these things, Gilmore! Sure, some ideas didn't pan out so well (The Way We Were? I also blame SATC for that one, or -- well, even A Star is Born. Failed, but still culturally valid, and I never regretted them).

Tuesday used to be the day I LIVED for. Now, I think it will be the new day I cry my eyes out.

If only I could stay awake for Nip/Tuck. It may be a really horrible show, but at least it's consistent. And vulgar. If you can't have rapid-fire pop culture, at least you can have vulgarity.

My Dad Used To Think It Was Funny. That's Why I'm So Scared Of Bugs.

I am now accepting applications for the position of boyfriend.

Duties include taking the gross bug out of my shower, and will include removal of future gross bugs/vermin from my proximity (bringing it anywhere near me to 'tease me' is grounds for instant termination).

Benefits include making out with me, with the possibility of a bonus after an evaluation period, where you may be subject to random tests and meeting my friends.

03 October 2006

Where do you go when you're in love and the world knows?

Laura is going to tease me mercilessly for this...but I finally got my shipment from BMG today (I had totally forgotten about it! So...even though I may have started making a list, with a little help from Mojo, for after the CD ban ends -- NO, I will not go crazy when it's over...no...Now I have time to preview, maybe download...and possibly find friends who are willing to supplement my addiction -- I will not need to buy music for a while!)


These are seven of the CDs that have been on my list for a while that I found on BMG. Part of the problem was that a lot of the CDs that are on my list now (The Mountain Goats, The Decemberists, Stars, The Walkmen...) aren't available on BMG, which explains the array. First of all...the Fray? I'm sorry. I really am. I mean, I have most of the songs downloaded, and I would never have paid cash money for it, but I really really needed a seventh CD. I actually ended up with Shakira for the same reason once. Anyway, my Dandy Warhols collection is now more soundly rounded out, lacking only their debut album and some b-sides. And Sigur Ros was really hard to download. Something about the language barrier and me being stupid. Then, I swore I'd buy the OK GO CD after this video made my heart throb (and if you're into legos, go here). Morningwood, well...that was just for fun. After previewing it, I figured why not? And shutupyou about the Sondre Lerche. I like his music.

So that's my news for today. If you'll excuse me, I'll be ripping into some CDs now.

[Currently Spinning: Tegan and Sara - Where Does The Good Go?]

Because I've Read Your Horoscope, And Now I've Given Up All Hope

I already want to buy a new CD. I don't even have one in mind.

I just thought I'd let you know.

It's going to be a long month.

[Currently Spinning: The Magnetic Fields - I Don't Really Love You Anymore]

02 October 2006

I had a dream and you were in it / The blue of your eyes was Infinite / You seemed to be / in love with me / Which isn't very realistic

I'm going to need a music patch. I vowed to Laura (and am now documenting it here so NO CHEATING) that I will not buy any more CDs for a month. I think I should extend that to include DVDs...what with the whole going to Minnesota for Thanksgiving thing.

Thanks to Steve's AWESOME podcast, and also free swag via last.fm banners, I have, in the past twenty-four hours purchased The Magenetic Fields' i, and The Decemberistis' Crane Wife. It's a sickness you guys. Just last week I HAD TO pick up the Lemonheads' new self-titled album, and while I was there I saw the Libertines and thought, "Why not?"

So. There you have it. Thank goodness Matt said he'd authorize my computer with his iTunes account so I will have some Ben Kweller to hold me over! (Which spawned the conversation that's been my away message for the past day, which is "He said he'd authorize my computer if I wanted / I said that sounded kinky / But I liked it." "It was kinky / Very kinky."


Things have been...interesting. I'm feeling a lot better about some things. I'm feeling more nervous about others. Grad school applications are due SO SOON, and I've only hashed out one half-baked plan involving Chicago, and thus IIT. I don't even know if I want to go there. Does that mean I should just move to Chicago for the bloody hell of it? I mean...why not?

Then there are studio projects I need to...revamp for my portfolio -- which is what I'm really nervous about. The applications, tedious as they are, and the GREs (uh...FUCK)...all of that is just static. I can do that, no problem. It's the portfolio that makes my stomach all knotty.

Still more, I'm very confused about some things in my personal life right now. Basically, it boils down to my being lazy, apathetic, or SCARED. Lazy isn't really an option in this case, because I'm not avoiding anything because I'm tired or bored. I don't think it's apathy, and if it is, it's only because I'm so guarded with my heart these days (thanks). That leaves scared, which I think is fair, given the history involved.

So what now? That's not up to me. I've decided I'm taking a completely passive stance on this one. And if that means that nothing ever happens, then que será.

[Currently Spinning: The Magnetic Fields - I Don't Believe You]

01 October 2006

Monday Madness - Participant Questions

1. From amanda f:
What do you do when somebody complements you?
a. Smile and say Thanks

b. Ignore it and change the subject
c. Complement them back
d. Turn red in embarrasment at the attention and look around to see other people's reaction

e. Take it as your due!

When someone finally complements me, I will marry him. Or, if it's one of my friends, I will hang on no matter what. But I think you really want to know what happens when someone compliments me. Well, when that happens, I blush wildly, stammer something embarrassing, and blush some more, so (d)

2. From shelly:
What color are your eyes?


3. From kia:
What do you like most about yourself?

My quick wit, sharp mind, and my boobs.

4. From julie:
How do you spend Christmas?

With my family.

5. From wide imagination:
When do you normally blog? Day or night?

A little bit of both.

6. From rach:
What song can you relate to your personal life? Share a line or two of that song.

There are too many to count. I usually post lyrics as titles that reflect my mood with a reference to the song in my currently spinning byline.

7. From sherle:
What is your favorite color for a sleeping environment?

I haven't thought about it. I guess something soothing, like blue or a pale yellow. Maybe a lavendar color?

Movies Blockbuster Says I Saw in September

Just Like Heaven - I am so in love with Reese Witherspoon. And John Heder. That didn't make this movie any more than okay, but I enjoyed it. I wouldn't recommend it, but that's because I like movies like this when other people don't tend to want to rent them (by that I mostly mean Alisa). Two and a half stars. ★★
The Producers - I feel just awful about this, but I really prefer the Matthew Broderick and Nathan Lane version. However, being a big Gene Wilder fan, I do have to admit that as much as I loved Matthew Broderick as Leo Bloom, I really enjoyed Gene Wilder in the same role. I know I'm talking about it like it's backwards, but that's the order in which I saw them. In this case, I think the re-make was well worth it (also, I preferred the storyline with Ulla in the newer version). Sorry Gene :( Three stars. ★★★
Heavenly Creatures - Okay, I have definitely seen this movie. I don't know how far we got through it that one night at Harvard. Did I fall asleep before it was over? Anyway, watching it through soberly was well worth it so I can finally cross it off my list (even though it's a good movie, it's just I think I saw it on HBO once many years ago). Three and a half stars. ★★★
The Frisco Kid - I had to watch this in bits because I wasn't really in the mood to watch it when I got it. I don't know. I resisted watching Airplane for a long time when my mom rented it for me and my sister, but when I finally sat down to watch it, I loved it. This wasn't the case with The Frisco Kid, but Gene Wilder was amazing, and I can't imagine how John Wayne would have been better in Harrison Ford's role. Three and a half stars. ★★★
A History of Violence - Wow. This movie was amazing. Especially how "real" the blood and head wounds were, which I know shouldn't really add to the quality of the story, but it's something I noticed. Because so much of this movie hinges on the mystery, I won't write anything about the movie (because I have a big mouth), but it was good, and everyone should see it. Also, his "kid" is played by a 27 year old man, so that's something to see. Four stars. ★★★★
Young Frankenstein - Yay! This is one of my favorite movies. It's hilarious and there are so many great scenes. "Put the candle back." "Whatever you do, don't put the candle back." // "What knockers." "Oh, thank you, doctor." Anyway, I should buy this movie, because renting it through blockbuster online means I have to wait a while to watch it, and it's the kind of movie I should be able to see on a whim. Five stars. ★★★★★
Memoirs of a Geisha - Very good movie, even though I kind of feel as though it would have been better if I hadn't read the book first. Four and a half stars. ★★★★
My Date with Drew - I could not bring myself to watch this. I came home with this movie, even though I had the Gus Van Sant documentary, Last Days, in my hands last I remembered (seriously, it's like I blacked out between browsing and hitting the counter to rent), and I also ended up buying Bewitched, because it was sitting in front of me behind a big red sticker that read $4.99. I watched Bewitched that night, and then tried to watch My Date with Drew, but just wanted to slam my head into the desk repeatedly just to distract myself from the awfulness. Bewitched was good, though.
The Exorcism of Emily Rose - I really like any movie that makes me think about real life events. I liked how they used the trial as little post markers in the story, and went back telling Emily's story as though the posession was real. Whether or not you believe it, it's a good movie that poses good arguments for both sides. Four stars. ★★★★