04 October 2006


Luke and Lorelai's relationship seems to have been obliterated.

Along with the dialoge and witty banter of the show.

Can anyone tell me what happened to the pop culture references? Surely, they can hire one person who is up on things now that they've let go of Amy Sherman Palladino and her husband (think of the $cash$ they're saving)? Maybe if they tried to at the very least hide behind a mask of hipness, they could convince us that the SLOOOOOOOWness between Lorelai and Rory is imagined. Or that the incredible predictability is just a product of our being So Smart (S-M-R-T).

Also, what about ME? I have this whole secret life that is based on a STRONG foundation of Gilmoreisms and Gilmore concepts. WWLGD?!

Rilo Kiley, A Star is Born, Grey Gardens, the Roomba that I've always wanted! All of these things, Gilmore! Sure, some ideas didn't pan out so well (The Way We Were? I also blame SATC for that one, or -- well, even A Star is Born. Failed, but still culturally valid, and I never regretted them).

Tuesday used to be the day I LIVED for. Now, I think it will be the new day I cry my eyes out.

If only I could stay awake for Nip/Tuck. It may be a really horrible show, but at least it's consistent. And vulgar. If you can't have rapid-fire pop culture, at least you can have vulgarity.

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