07 October 2006

The one in which she talks about bacon. A lot.

Laura is here for the weekend!

I'm listening to The Decemberists' new album right now, and it's very good. Very mild, melodic...I don't know if I can deal with the 11 and 12 minute songs right now, though.

I am going to see Benji tonight. I mean the So You Think You Can Dance tour. I am so FLIPPING EXCITED. Except mostly I'm really tired and don't feel like showering. We're going to CPK first. I can never choose between the bacon on the california club pizza, or the chile on the carne asada pizza. It's a hard knock life.

Since this post is already ill-formatted and rambling, I thought I would take this time to document the topics of conversation last night that, honestly...how can people spend so much time talking about:

Bacon. Why we love bacon, how awesome bacon is, and how twenty pieces of bacon is not enough.

Lord of the Rings. Gimley. The Easter Egg on the third DVD. Big. Blue.

And yeah, we talked about other things, but both of these topics came up more than once, and especially with the bacon, lasted a long time.

You know why? Because we're awesome. Also, we may have scared Scott.

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