28 June 2007

On blasting your mom into space

I thought I'd share a story with you today:

I went to dinner with J and two of his friends once.J and I showed up some time after Jordan and David, so they were well into their first beers, and had been having various sorts of conversation. Evidently, earlier in the evening, David had asked Jordan, "If you could blast anything into space, what would it be?"

Jordan didn't answer at the time.

About fourty minutes later, we were eating dinner and he'd finished his second beer. He slammed the empty glass onto the table and said, "David, if I could blast anything into space, it would be your mom."

Jordan has a two beer minimum on your mom jokes. And Boston is going to be a much less amusing place when they both go to grad school.

27 June 2007

In a word: "hootie." In four: "hootie," "and," "the" and "blowfish."

I found this CRACKED.com article about the 25 Most Ridiculous Band Names in Rock History to be ABSOLUTELY HYSTERICAL.

My favorites were The Smashing Pumpkins (at #20), and !!! (unsurprisingly at #1 -- How many times have I looked at my playlist and rued the day they chose to name their band something that fucked my entire organizational system?)

11 June 2007

"More Animals Need To Be Shot From Cannons"

I volunteered to watch my friends' rats when they went out of town...
J said, "This is all fine and good, until they get out of their cage"
"Then I'd need a snake -- to get them out of the apartment!"
"Then you'd have a snake"
"I'd get a coyote....but then...I guess I don't know how I'd get rid of a coyote..."
"You'd have to get a cheetah."
"There is nothing that would solve a cheetah infestation, J"
"Except a great white shark"
"Now how the hell would we get a shark into the apartment?"

05 June 2007

Start Making Some Pockets

I've been listening to the Thermals pretty non-stop these past few days. I suspect this is what will get me through my deadline, unless I tire of them before the end of the week (It's happened...)

I thought I would have Voxtrot, but with the exception of two or three Really Good songs, their new album is...only meh. Don't get me wrong, I totally heart Voxtrot, but I fell in love with every single that wasn't on this album. I'm still going to be taking my shirt off for them at their concert next week. Erm, I mean, rocking out to their jams.

Since I have been on a Thermals kick, I thought I'd go ahead and provide a handy link to Here's Your Future, and ask a question. When God says, "It's gonna rain," does it remind anyone else of the blackie weather forecast in Family Guy? ("It's gon'rain!") Just me?

And on that note, I wanted to end with one more Very Important Question: Why do people think that my friends and I are mean?
"Look, [I hit the pool balls so that] they made a triangle."

"How about instead of making triangles, you start making some pockets?"