30 March 2007

Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots

me: Did I tell you about the five piece string quartet version of Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots pt. 1 that I have?
me: And how I want it played at my wedding?
me: Possibly while I walk down the asile?
Laura: LOL
Laura: No, you didn't
me: Well, there you go
me: It's such a great love song!
me: Arguably the greatest love song of our time
Laura: You argue that, I'll stay here and listen
me: She's battling the pink robots! She won't let the robots defeat him!
me: And he trusts her implicitly!!
me: Not to let the robots win!!!
Laura: LOL

26 March 2007

Monday Madness - Automobiles

This is kind of timely in a strange way, since I have nearly been killed by cars twice in the past three days. Odd.

What kind of automobile do you drive?

I don't own or lease a car. The last car I drove was a U-Haul van to move our crap from point A to point B, unless you count my father's Dodge Ram.

What kind of automobile do you WISH you drove?

I wouldn't mind an Audi.

When is the last time you bought a vehicle (new or used)?

Let's see...This Thursday will make it two years from...never.

What is your color of choice as far as vehicles go?

Nothing poopy. I'd probably choose something silver.

Do you regularly have your oil changed?

Yes. No. I don't know what this would mean for me...what with not having a car and everything.

How long do you generally keep a vehicle before thinking about buying a new one?

I would say that if I ever bought a car, I'd love it for about six months before I thought about cheating on it. Like most [inanimate] things :)

What kind of automobile will you buy next?

I have no clue. I live in a city with great public transportation, and don't plan on moving too soon, so that decision is so far away I'm not even thinking about thinking about it.

21 March 2007

I Predict A Riot

Worst misheard lyric to date:

Kaiser Chiefs' I Predict A Riot
Instead of "I predict a riot," the title and CHORUS of the song, I heard "I could have Tourette's."

I had to Google it, and I still don't hear "I predict a riot," but it's harder to hear "I could have Tourette's," now. I'm too embarrassed to admit how long I've thought those were the lyrics before I bothered to question this.

Silly accents.

19 March 2007

Woo! Pete Yorn!

Two and a half months ago, J bought me tickets to see Pete Yorn in concert, and that concert is tonight.

I want to put something in perspective here very quickly, though, because I think it’s important to note that two and a half months ago, J and I had only been dating for a few weeks. I did not expect a birthday present from him, even a little bit, but instead of no present, he bought two tickets to see Pete Yorn - after we’d had just one casual conversation about how Pete Yorn would be at Avalon in March. I won’t get all gushy about how amazing it is to have a boyfriend who pays attention to details like that and makes me Pete Yorn themed birthday cards with concert tickets that (if I’d have opened the card correctly) would pop out from an elaborate set up of paper and scotch tape, or how wonderful it is to spend a lot of time with a boy who cooks things for me, and says “as well,” instead of “too,” or “also,” but I will say that I’m really happy about being with someone who told me it was okay if I exposed myself to Pete Yorn tonight, even though he probably thought I was kidding.

It’s been about three months since our first date (actually, what’s really barf-ably cute is that it’s three months to the day since our first official date), and I’m really glad that we threw caution to the wind several times over, because [adding to a really long list of reasons I’m happy,] for the first time in about a year, I actually have a concert buddy! I won’t tell you how much cooler it will be going to this concert with someone I really like instead of going with nobody. We Are Scientists were awesome, but seeing concerts on your lonesome is less than awesome. I know that it takes someone “brave” to go see a concert alone, but what it really is is “pathetic,” and what no one says when they call you “brave” for doing things like that alone is that instead of being jealous, they’re really kind of sad that you seem to have no friends. Yeah, maybe they’re a little jealous because goddamn, you went to see the Raconteurs, and screw everyone if they didn’t want to go with you that night, but really they’re wondering what is wrong with you that you can’t find a concert buddy.


Whatever. I’m glad I don’t have to deal with that paranoia tonight.

Monday Madness - Sleeping & Cleaning

How many times do you wake up during the night?

Usually, if I can remember waking up during the night, I'm up for good. It's no more than once or twice on an average night when I remember waking up. Sometimes I'm lucky enough to get back to sleep, but usually I'm not.

On an average, how many hours of sleep do you try to get?

six to eight.

What day of the week do you do your "major" housecleaning?

I don't have a set day, but I tend to sweep the floors on Monday night because trash day is Tuesday.

How often do you move your furniture to clean behind it?


Do you do your dishes by hand or do you own a dishwasher?

Oh, to have a dishwasher. That would be glorious.

15 March 2007

Exposing myself to Pete Yorn

"Oh yeah, so I got an email recently about an 'Expose yourself to Pete Yorn' contest."
"Expose yourself to Pete Yorn? Sounds. Interesting..."
"I'm not sure exactly what it entails, but if it's anything like what it sounds like, I'M TOTALLY DOING IT AT THE CONCERT!"
"Awesome. I won't be"
"Really? You wouldn't mind if I exposed myself to Pete Yorn?"
"As long as you didn't get invited backstage."
"Hey! I might. These are pretty nice."

08 March 2007

At Least I Have Time To Work On My Base Tan

I've been pulling kind of ridiculous hours at work this week for a meeting on Friday. That was just cancelled today. I've still got a full day's worth of work for another project, so I'm still coming in all day on Friday. I've reached a zen state about it, though. I'm just going to think about it as five hours in Bermuda. That's how I'll get through it. I think. Have I mentioned that I'm going to Bermuda in May? I'm not sure that I've blogged about it yet.

I haven't blogged about a lot of things lately, opting instead to post things like today's inappropriate conversation:
Matt: Briar, I have a question for you...
me: What's that?
Matt: How come every time you come around my london london bridge wanna go down, like lundie lundie luh who-hoo?
Laura: I just lost it. That was priceless -- I am changing my facebook status to that.
(one minute and thirty seconds later)
Matt: wow, you and Briar are FAST
Matt: I wish google would let us have a 3-way
So yeah. I'm going to BERMUDA in May, for a wedding. I have a post-it on my desktop monitor to remind me, every second of every work day that, yes...there is a big, sunny reward on the horizon. So go to the gym...work an extra hour...

And who am I kidding? It's just reminding me that I'm that much farther away from May.

07 March 2007

Not Vulgar Enough

Because this website isn't already vulgar *enough*:
"I hate waiting for the printer to print something when it's in between stages of broken and fine. I'll sit there and wait, watching...hoping for my print-outs. It's horrible.

It's like being *really close* to having an orgasm, but then something happens or you get distracted...

...And then you don't."

05 March 2007

That. Just. Happened.

Me: Oh, so squirrels can have birth control, but it's morally wrong when we want it?
Laura: Maybe if you whip yourself and others into a breading frenzy we can change that.
Laura: Breeding. Jesus. We're not frying things.
Me: Hahahahaha -- breading babies!
Laura: The other other white meat.

Monday Madness - Potpourri

From beth: What's the most unusual hobby you have? How did you get started with it?

Knitting is not an unusual hobby, but it's the only one I have had that I have ever stuck with. I learned in college; my living group had a knitting rush event, and one of my friends taught me how to cast on and how to do a knit stitch. I was instantly transfixed by the way the needles moved and made an actual piece of fabric! It was rough going at first...everything got all twisted and tangled, and my first scarf had these wavy edges from where I was inadvertently adding stitches at the end of each row. It was a miserable failure of a piece in the way that only a first piece of knitting can possibly be, but even with all of the things that seem impossible, it's one of those gratifying hobbies that I'm really glad I stuck with.

From briar: How many different kinds of music do you listen to? Name a few favorites, if you please.

Ha. I think I asked this when I was trying to expand my iTunes library! Hmmm...So, I like to listen to a lot of everything, but most of my songs tend to the softer/lighter side of rock and pop music. I like some folk songs and bluegrass, jazz and classical, country and reggaeton :) Most of my library can be classified as "indie rock" or "indie pop," though.

My favorite songs right now are by Less Than Jake, The Fratellis, Voxtrot, and The Elected.

From iris: Do you take advantage of the outdoor areas where you live? What's your favorite thing to do outside? What's your favorite local bird?

You know, I don't take advantage of the outside where I'm from. I'm kind of a fan of air conditioning and controlled tempuratures. I do like to take my knitting outside to a park with a cup of coffee sometimes, and I do like long walks. I live in a slightly more urban environment, though, and don't have a car, so my "outdoor" time is somewhat limited by lack of "outdoors," but that's also a choice, not an inconvenience.

I don't have a favorite bird, but I do like feeding the ducks, even though it's illegal...

From kristy: Children: Do you have any?

Ha. No.

From amy: What is your favorite part of spring?

Short answer: The flowers.

04 March 2007

Spam: Modern Literature

Shakespeare and Jane Austen have nothing on these guys:
cant goodbye some god mischievous might ticket?
ought science ought?
promised grew bread taught. pie forth bad oh taken am taught.


Franz rubbed his breathe modern eyes in bound suit order to assure himself "In the Corso."

"Bravo!" kindly call cladistic broken said the captain.

"I hope it thank breakable may be lavatorial so," replied won Caderousse, his face "I am all bet cute idea attention," rotten said the abb.

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02 March 2007


I haven't written in a while. I'm tired. I don't know what to write.

I've been traipsing around Boston with a stunningly handsome, charming guy these days -- and while that may seem to lend itself to more stories, it usually also lends itself to less time for writing about them.

I'm listening to the Bluegrass Tribute to the Shins right now. It's amazingly fantastic, but I've always been a fan of bluegrass. I can see how it's not for everyone, but something about experimenting with something familiar and juxtaposing it with another familiar thing to make something completely new and different just tickles the hell out of me.

I'm also listening to some Postal Service, due mostly to a conversation I had with the boy recently about post-nuclear love songs, and how Brand New Colony is one of them (not that I'm actively aware of any more). I used to listen to Brand New Colony and Idioteque incessantly as a coupling because they seemed so perfectly matched in my head.

This weekend is going to be so fabulous. I expect to start catching up on some Battlestar Galactica and maybe sleep. A lot.

01 March 2007

Happy March!

I basically took way too long to upload this onto YouTube:

Matt, did I ever tell you you're my hero?