08 March 2007

At Least I Have Time To Work On My Base Tan

I've been pulling kind of ridiculous hours at work this week for a meeting on Friday. That was just cancelled today. I've still got a full day's worth of work for another project, so I'm still coming in all day on Friday. I've reached a zen state about it, though. I'm just going to think about it as five hours in Bermuda. That's how I'll get through it. I think. Have I mentioned that I'm going to Bermuda in May? I'm not sure that I've blogged about it yet.

I haven't blogged about a lot of things lately, opting instead to post things like today's inappropriate conversation:
Matt: Briar, I have a question for you...
me: What's that?
Matt: How come every time you come around my london london bridge wanna go down, like lundie lundie luh who-hoo?
Laura: I just lost it. That was priceless -- I am changing my facebook status to that.
(one minute and thirty seconds later)
Matt: wow, you and Briar are FAST
Matt: I wish google would let us have a 3-way
So yeah. I'm going to BERMUDA in May, for a wedding. I have a post-it on my desktop monitor to remind me, every second of every work day that, yes...there is a big, sunny reward on the horizon. So go to the gym...work an extra hour...

And who am I kidding? It's just reminding me that I'm that much farther away from May.

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