05 March 2007

Monday Madness - Potpourri

From beth: What's the most unusual hobby you have? How did you get started with it?

Knitting is not an unusual hobby, but it's the only one I have had that I have ever stuck with. I learned in college; my living group had a knitting rush event, and one of my friends taught me how to cast on and how to do a knit stitch. I was instantly transfixed by the way the needles moved and made an actual piece of fabric! It was rough going at first...everything got all twisted and tangled, and my first scarf had these wavy edges from where I was inadvertently adding stitches at the end of each row. It was a miserable failure of a piece in the way that only a first piece of knitting can possibly be, but even with all of the things that seem impossible, it's one of those gratifying hobbies that I'm really glad I stuck with.

From briar: How many different kinds of music do you listen to? Name a few favorites, if you please.

Ha. I think I asked this when I was trying to expand my iTunes library! Hmmm...So, I like to listen to a lot of everything, but most of my songs tend to the softer/lighter side of rock and pop music. I like some folk songs and bluegrass, jazz and classical, country and reggaeton :) Most of my library can be classified as "indie rock" or "indie pop," though.

My favorite songs right now are by Less Than Jake, The Fratellis, Voxtrot, and The Elected.

From iris: Do you take advantage of the outdoor areas where you live? What's your favorite thing to do outside? What's your favorite local bird?

You know, I don't take advantage of the outside where I'm from. I'm kind of a fan of air conditioning and controlled tempuratures. I do like to take my knitting outside to a park with a cup of coffee sometimes, and I do like long walks. I live in a slightly more urban environment, though, and don't have a car, so my "outdoor" time is somewhat limited by lack of "outdoors," but that's also a choice, not an inconvenience.

I don't have a favorite bird, but I do like feeding the ducks, even though it's illegal...

From kristy: Children: Do you have any?

Ha. No.

From amy: What is your favorite part of spring?

Short answer: The flowers.

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Heart of Rachel said...

I think knitting is a wonderful hobby. I don't know how to knit and I'm amazed at people who know how. I received a nice knitted dish cloth from my swap partner and I really thought it was such a sweet gift.

Have a great week ahead! Take care.