27 September 2012

Things I Love Thursday

I found this store on dooce, and I couldn't help pick out my own favorites.

24 September 2012

Music Monday

Ben Folds Five—Do It Anyway

I don't know if it's because this song is so catchy and cute, if it's because Ben Folds is a band that I have liked for a while, or if it's the adorable Fraggle Rock themed video, but this is my new favorite music video.

22 September 2012

Swagbucks September Promo

I have mentioned my love for the site swagbucks a couple of times before. Lately, they have been adding some pretty sweet incentives for using the site more often, such as daily goals that, when reached, automatically add extra swagbucks to your account at the end of the month. Since I mostly use my points for Amazon Gift Cards, their latest promotion made me swoon:

When you snag an Amazon.com Gift Card from Swagbucks during the month of September, you are rewarded with a $1 promotional credit for Amazon MP3. I know this is flagrant self promotion, but you can use this link to start earning reward points today and snag your Amazon.com Gift Card and $1 Amazon MP3 promotional credit before Sept. 30th. I would hurry before the month is over! This is a pretty sweet deal, and I've already used it to purchase two songs, one of them may have been Call Me Maybe (but I'll never tell!).

If you have any questions about the promo, you can read more about it on the swagbucks blog.

20 September 2012

Things I Love Thursday

Greyhound Snoods
from Etsy shop GoodWitKnit
The only question is, how many snoods should my greyhound have?! Also, I love this guy, modeling like a boss. Matt, I fear I will have knit eighteen snoods for my hypothetical dog before I finish your gloves/set of koozies.

Honorable Mention
Red lipstickautumn weather ♥ Zyrtec (for the ragweed that comes with autumn weather) ♥ scarf weather (not the same as autumn weather, or sweater weather, which also gets a shout out)  being able to pump my own bike tires (yes, I was once a weakling, but now I am STRONG...enough to do something a twelve year old can do, probably.).

17 September 2012

Music Mondays

Mumford & Sons—I Will Wait

Video for the first Mumford & Sons single from their upcoming album Babel. Drops next week, Sept 25th.

13 September 2012

Things I Love Thursday

Rufus Tower!

I know that cats give zero F*s about people, but this video was still adorbs. Seen on Jezebel.

10 September 2012

Music Mondays

Dominique Pruitt—To Win Your Love

This song is super cute with a vintage '50s vibe. I can't wait to hear the whole album.

06 September 2012

Things I Love Thursday

dinosaur GIF

I got this dinosaur free when I made a purchase on photojojo some time ago. I really, really like this dinosaur. I liked him before I discovered he glowed in the dark.

04 September 2012


Hey all, remember this entry about GoDaddy's acquisition of Outright?

Remember specifically the part where Outright insisted that GoDaddy's advertising was shifting? That the commercials are evolving to focus more on what the company does to help its customers instead of being sexist drivel?

Yeah. Uh, buh-bye Outright. It's been nice knowing you, ya jerks.

01 September 2012

Project 365 Update: August

Guess what we did in August! We traveled to Italy and Croatia! Yes, sure there are a bunch of orange squares. In addition to packing for travel, I was able to score a part-time temp job in the weeks leading up to the trip, which was great in that it gave us spending money, but man was that an intense two weeks!

It was great, but it did not leave a lot of time for photography. I hope to set more clear goals in the future that allow for these contingencies, so that I still feel like taking a photo even after an exhausting day.

Rather than choose a favorite image from the month (because after all the great shots I got in Europe that would be practically impossible), I will simply refer you to this flickr photo album, which more than makes up for those orange squares.