21 May 2015

Things I Love Thursday: Dots!

My current favorite game is TwoDots, the followup game to Dots, which was a fun, engaging puzzle game that I originally found through the Starbucks App. From their website:
Inspired by the art of Yayoi Kusama, Dots was created with the notion that beauty and fun are not mutually exclusive. Dots is a minimalist game that was designed to be a soothing experience.
It was soothing, and I loved playing it, but eventually, it just became habit and I wasn't really getting anything new out of the never changing game. I would open it on my phone while I was in waiting rooms, or on the train, and I just wasn't having fun anymore, although it was still soothing and calming.

But then...then they released TwoDots.
Join two brave dots as they traverse arctic tundras, navigate fiery jungles, and plunge the ocean depths. TwoDots is a modern-classic puzzle game where you simply connect colored dots to score points and complete objectives.
Two dots is fantastic. They keep adding levels and the "adventure" keeps continuing with new and exciting types of "bad guys" to beat. It's puzzles and adorable little dots all at once. The graphics are lovely, and the animations are great. People even download the soundtrack.

I highly recommend this addictive game. If you've never played the original, Dots, it's also fantastically addictive.

26 March 2015

Things I Love Thursday: Murder Edition

I recently got J into watching HBO's the Jinx with me. It is a documentary about Robert Durst, and while there has been a lot of criticism about it, it has also taken off like Serial. The whole internet is into it, and that excites me. I got Jason to watch it because he listens to our local NPR station every morning, and was listening after Durst was arrested.

On the way home he said, "I was listening to something I thought you would like [because murder]. This guy was arrested, and I guess he had something to do with his wife disappearing a long time ago...and then he moved to Texas..."

"Robert Durst?"

"Yeah, and he was arrested for murdering this woman..."

"Susan Berman?"

And then I told him about the Jinx, and suddenly, he's watching Murder Porn with me. This is a good year for Murder.

12 March 2015

Things I Love Thursday

My Job—I was just promoted at work, and I am so excited for things to come. I get the jitters at my desk every day, and I am challenged in new and exciting ways. I get to mentor people! I am just so thrilled to work at such an awesome supportive company.

The White Queen—a Starz network show based on Philipa Gregory's novel about the Lancasters and the Yorks. CHILLS. I love this period of British history!!! It's my new Amazon Prime go-to show.

05 March 2015

Things I Love Thursday

I love how, adorably, Benedict Cumberbatch still can't say "Penguins." He managed to get it out correctly the first time, but going forward it's just pengwings. Pengwings everywhere (he says it 17 seconds into this video):

26 February 2015

Things I Love Thursday

It's BACK! I am officially bringing back Things I Love Thursday.

And for my triumphant return, a video of Benedict Cumberbatch not being able to say the word penguin:

Along with a video of Benedict redeeming himself on the Graham Norton Show:

What else is on the shortlist?
Performing a task exceptionally well at work Watching House of Cards with my husband Knitting on the train the deer that come about our house and leave trails in the snow while we're away

08 January 2015

32 Before 32

  1. Learn how to carry a tune
  2. Read 2 Classics
  3. Read 2 Best Sellers
  4. Hike trails around our house
  5. Make art for our dining room
  6. Do another 30 day challenge
  7. Go for a major bike ride
  8. Thin out my closet
  9. Plant a garden
  10. Finish knitting my Abrigado blanket
  11. Perfect a wing eye
  12. Build a fire pit
  13. Make a piece of jewelry
  14. Make a DIY Camera bag insert
  15. Make French Onion Soup
  16. Take a silhouette photo
  17. Improve my posture
  18. Finish one design project per week
  19. Go candle pin bowling
  20. Find more balance
  21. Watch House of Cards with J
  22. Buy fresh flowers once a week
  23. Get more sleep
  24. Eat a vegetable at every meal
  25. Make art
  26. Decorate for Christmas
  27. Take a trip
  28. Try a new sport
  29. Get my eyebrows done
  30. Get a massage
  31. Visit a new museum
  32. Display my camera collection

07 January 2015

31 Before 31 Update

  1. 100 Pushups
  2. Do another 28 or 30 day challenge
    I started trying to learn Spanish using Duolingo. I decided this was my challenge. So for the whole year, I certainly used the App, but I also succeeded in reaching my 30 day Spanish challenge.
  3. Log my food and exercise every single day for a minimum of 3 months
    I would start doing this and I was really good at it for about five days, then I would lapse into forgetfulness and laziness and stop doing it. Lather, rinse, repeat.
  4. Go ice skating
  5. Run a 10K
    Why do I keep doing this to myself? Every time I work my way up to a 5K, I lose steam. We did do a 15 mile bike ride, this year...does that count? I feel like a broken record!
  6. Go to sleep early
    Moved over an hour away from work. Need to wake up in time to take the commuter rail. Bedtime is now 9:30.
  7. Improve my postureI have done noting quantifiable to accomplish this goal, and it is definitely something I've noticed.
  8. Buy a house
  9. Knit a sweater
  10. Schedule "me" time at least once a week. Strive for at least two hours of solitude
    I don't think I met this goal, measurably, but I was able to be more conscious about the time I needed with myself, and to try to make only half of this time "computer time."
  11. Meditate
    I downloaded Headspace, which got me started on a daily meditation program.
  12. Visit a new state
    Shockingly, had never been to VA. Boom. Done.
  13. Visit a new museum
    We saw Gropius House in the winter, and had a private tour. It was beautiful, and I would highly recommend it to anyone remotely interested in art, architecture, or just New England History in general.
  14. Go to at least one lecture or creative performance
  15. Read Four Classics:
    The Brothers Karamazov (Fyodor Dostoyevsky) - Started
    The Age of Innocence (Edith Wharton) - Didn't even acquire
    The Stranger (Albert Camus)
    The Handmaid's Tale (Margaret Atwood)
  16. 52 Weeks listing Things for which I am Grateful
  17. 52 Weeks to an Organized Home
  18. 90 minutes of Yoga at minimum once a week
    Nope, although I did more yoga at home due to my subscription to MyYogaPro (courtesy of my sister!)
  19. Learn about my family tree
  20. Make a cheese souffle
    Did this for our anniversary!
  21. Buy a watch
    I did this, and it was gorgeous, but I am glad I did not buy a very expensive watch, because it turns out I do not like to wear it everyday.
  22. Make hot buttered rum
  23. Take a stunning photographGot some Milky Way photography done in El Paso. Can't wait to try again, although I doubt I will find anything like that Texas sky up here!
  24. Write a haiku
    Thirty-two, doing
    "old person" activities
    like feeding the birds
  25. Make a pair of earrings
  26. Get my eyebrows shaped professionally
  27. See a Penn State Game at Beaver Stadium
    J, you had one job.
  28. Letterpress
    I letter-pressed our holiday cards, and I am very very happy with the way they came out!
  29. Buy number or letter balloons for an occasion
    Like, what occasion? Sitting at home and watching Netflix?
  30. Find a new shade of lipstick
  31. Buy It's a Wonderful Life on DVD
    Now I can relive the moments from my childhood when I used to wrap Christmas presents and watch this Jimmy Stewart classic with my grandmother in my own house instead of trekking to the Brattle Theatre—or maybe do both!