07 April 2010

My April Goal

My goal for April is to workout more, especially in the mornings. As a server, I don't have to report to work until 10:30 AM, so there is a whole chunk of potential time to do...things! I could work! I could answer emails! I could...sleep in.

So this week I have been using Hulu's exercise TV feed to explore new cardio workouts. I bought a stability ball recently, and as soon as we've moved into the new place, I'll buy some weights. I commute by bike, although my world is so small these days, I'm rarely on it for more than ten minutes, but cool spring nights are the best time for rides out to Deer Island, so one of those trips is surely coming up.

This is the one thing I'm going to focus on in April. Eating better is also on the short list, but I think that one goal a month is going to be the way to make these changes lifetime changes instead of whims.

02 April 2010

Throw Out Fifty Things: Day Four

Fifty Things Day Four

This week was great because I placed these ten items outside for the taking, and a lot of them got taken!
  1. Method dish soap that smelled terrible. TAKEN
  2. Success Rice that we didn't use for three years.
  3. Prototype mittens that I've made but don't wear.
  4. Shampoo. TAKEN
  5. Frank Lloyd Wright coffee table book. TAKEN
  6. Sticky notes from Target that were too sticky when stuck together, but not sticky enough when I wanted to stick them to anything else! TAKEN
  7. My old bike bell, which I removed when my mom bought me a bigger louder one. TAKEN
  8. Placemats that have seen their day. J will thank me some day.
  9. See-through bag that I got when employed with that big retail store at the mall. It was to prevent staff-shoplifting.
  10. More yarn, and there will probably be another round of yarn before we move!