30 April 2006

Snuggle Puppy

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29 April 2006

I saw it on the HBO

Manish was in town this weekend, and highlights include the following:

1. Getting to see Manish - obviously.
2. Running into Vero and Cat Clarke at Whiskey's (okay, theoretically, Vero was part of the group I was with - but still, she showed up later than us all and by then Jess and I had separated ourselves from the group, so when I saw Vero it was random to me). We had a little Hanks HS reunion there, and it was great.
3. Getting to talk to Mike. Who is in Japan. Ja...pan. Not only awesome because I didn't even know he'd gone to Japan (although I remember hearing a rumor of the sort a while ago), but because it was Mike. And International Phone Calls are always awesome.
4. Manish asking our waitress if she was "from the block."
5. Getting to WILG at 2:30 and insisting on saying hi to Emily.

Today, I went to Connecticut with Emily and Jessica to get Emily's car (IHOP! anyone?) and got to see Matt and go to dinner with Emily's parents. Matt made us two of the most awesome CDs for the ride back.

28 April 2006

Lesson in Context


So, this beam up here? Yeah, that could be any of 3 beams in any of 4 bays in this building that I'm trying to piece together sections of. I'm donning my "I'm a special kind of special" hat because of this snafu. I was so careful to take pictures of all of these things and tried to go in a particular order around the building to orient myself later when the images were off of the flash card, but really, it looks like I took 27 pictures of the same beam. CONTEXT, BRIAR!!! CON. TEXT.

So, I'm working in an office on Beacon Street, and the only places to eat that are painlessly nearby are a few Starbucks, some pricey Newbury Street restaurants, and I think an Au Bon Pain (that is not "painlessly" nearby in 3" stiletto heels). Anyway, today I spent entirely too much on lunch, opting for Starbucks, since my coffee is not time-release (but I'm working on that patent), and I needed a fix. It was not, unfortunately, the Starbucks where Cutie McDreamy works because, like I said before, 3" heels makes for a painful jaunt to lunch, but it did do the trick.

This has caused me to re-evaluate my position on Starbucks. See, I did a little research on the whole barista/espresso vs. coffee thing, and I've rethunk everything. I still think they're evil - but in a way that makes me stop by every time I can - like that boy you know is bad for you, but you can't stop seeing him because he gives you that head rush that makes you forget the last time you swore him off. I've grown to appreciate the whole art of being a barista, and am finally mature enough to admit that when I'm corrected for ordering a cafe au lait, it's because I'm actually wrong being incredibly rude myself an idiot uh...wrong.

I had more to write about, but it's all gone. I'm pretty sleep deprived, which is probably what is making the most insignificant and minor tasks seem overwhelmingly difficult for me today (like standing in line at lunch. Yeah. I stood...in line...incorrectly - for three full minutes. Because I'm that dumb today).

Oh, did anyone else see the OC last night?! It is about damn time Seth admitted what was up to Summer - and Marissa's dress was so ugly I think I was struck temporarily blind when I first saw it. Then I had to go throw up a little bit. I can't wait for next week. (This, she openly admits, but will still not speak of the Wednesday choice of television? Wow. <--that was a little bit o' third person there for you, laura :) Okay, back to deciphering my photos and the drudgery of CAD.

Also, this:

Hancock Tower in the AM

27 April 2006

Kind of Cool Music Generator Thing-y

26 April 2006

Letters of Love to my Subway Peeps

Dear Guy on the Subway this morning:

I did not mean to touch your leg while I was knitting my sock. The yarn had started pooling awkwardly, and you were sitting with your legs splayed all over the place - including in my space, and I only accidentally grazed your knee to remove the tangle from the working end. This was not an invitation to play footsies or continue to touch my knee with your knee, which you should have understood when I shifted two inches to the left to avoid you. I was not, as I guess you figured when you also shifted two inches to the left and continued to touch me, being coy, or flirty, or cute. The glare that you got when I had to stop knitting to stare at you incredulously should have tipped you off. Thank you for making my subway ride this morning as pleasant as the ones I used to have in New York.

P.S. - please also learn how to take showers, or at the very least, do your laundry. Faded jeans are both passe and unforgiving of what looked like a month's worth of dirt and pizza and coffee stains.


MC with obsessive Knitter on the Red line last night:

Me, long brown hair, bedraggled look on my face, having trouble casting on a sock - You, more than happy to ask someone to move so you could help me out

You took the sock out of my hands and showed me how to knit in the round correctly, and we chatted about knitting until you got off at Harvard Square.

Please be my new friend. By comparison, I will seem far less crazy and obsessive about knitting to my friends.

25 April 2006

And I would have stayed up with you all night

There has to be a better way than putting pinholes in my good sheets:

And, the scarf, she is blocking! w00t! Given that I broke my futon tonight by throwing myself on it, I can't decide whether to sleep like this, with the scarf pinned to my mattress next to me, or take my time getting to bed to avoid sleeping with my damp scarf. Well, the futon's not broken, but it's definitely...more..."delicate" now. What can I say? I've put on a little weight, okay?!

Now Listening: The Fray - How To Save A Life

My nice clothes are all black

It is a cruel fate that I work in a profession where I am expected to both dress nicely and work with white spray paint.

Also, there is no coffee, but are no less than four (count them: four) boxes of tea in the kitchen at work...ALL DECAF.

Who had $5 on the Trellis Scarf?

I finished the trellis scarf on Sunday. I had every intention of blocking it after work last night, but when I got home after midnight, I decided that it was more important to sleep than block a scarf (since the blocking gets done on my futon, and as much as I love lying in bed next to tens of dozens of blocking pins, I thought it best not to tempt fate).

I didn't write about finishing the scarf, but thought I would chronicle it, since it was kind of funny. It happened kind of like this:
jess: I'm starting a paper right now, sorry - can we chat later?
me: Oh - sorry!
*glares angrily at scarf with eye daggers and fire-breath for a few seconds because you! brought this on me by being so soft and pink and cotton candy like, but ceased to grow at any visible rate about five repeats prior* then:
me: So, I have a problem. I seem to only have enough yarn for one more repeat in this lace, but I still have two more repeats to go...
(lies, all lies - plenty of yarn was left. Oodles. I probably could have done three more repeats - four if I had wanted to live on the edge)
laura: well...
me: I mean, two inches shorter isn't a lot in the scheme of things, is it? Should I start the end border?
(two inches pre-blocking, that is, but I was trying to convince myself that I could end this dang-blasted thing once and for all, and I was starting to get desperate because of Laura's nanosecond of silence, trying to convince her myself that I should just end the scarf since I was getting no more enjoyment from it as a project)
laura: I think you can start the ending border.
me: sweet! That's all I needed to hear.

And so I finished the scarf...maybe a little earlier than planned. However, I'm not sad that I cast off early, and the second the ends were sewn in, I had to wear it. Now. This instant. I was going to be a good girl and wait until it was blocked, but, well, last night happened. So today, I donned it like an ascot. A wonky, several inches shorter than it should be, purl-side-all-a-mess asccot, with two ends that don't resemble each other in the slightest (the cast off edge didn't taper, for some reason). Pictures to follow - eventually - because I couldn't find my camera this morning.

But It's A Good Tired

Today, as I dripped blood on my way to the kitchenette, it occurred to me that with the right blade, you probably wouldn't even feel it if you slit your wrists. Provided you were quick enough, that is.

And then I laughed when I realized how morbid I was being and hoped that no one could read my mind while I was staring at the blood in the sink and wrapping a bandaid around my finger (and then posted it on my blog...).

I worked fifteen hours today. On one hand - ouch. On the other hand - overtime!

But now, without being able to tell you about my fifteen hour first day, I have to go to bed, because it's one in the morning and I'm so damn tired I can barely think.

23 April 2006

Snuggle Puppy!

Today, in celebration of my starting a new job tomorrow, I bought myself this CD (on half.com, so I'll be listening to it soon!):
At least one of you might recognize this fantastic CD with a few of my favorite songs, The Philadelphia Chickens and Be Like A Duck (quack, quack - quack, quack!). I look forward to many sing alongs with my Philadelphia Chicken, who is sitting on top of my yarn shelf as we speak.

So, I promised I'd write about the awesomeness that was hosting Steve in my living room, and while I can't promise eloquence (I feel pretty dizzy right now, and other than smoking the crack, I can't explain my vertigo), I can promise accuracy:

Steve came over on Wednesday, and we were both kind of happy I was unemployed at the time (I would say Stevie more than me), because at least he had someone to come and play with. His activity suggestion: a Jackie Chan movie that prominently features Rotterdam. I proved to be a boring companion, until I suggested we go to Hollywood Express to rent the DVD, which at least got us out of the flat. The Davis Square video store didn't have a copy of the DVD, so we headed to the one in Porter Square. The day was nice, as was the walk, and then Steve left for MIT to [insert Steve's MIT activities here].

We decided to cook dinner, but also that since the day was so lovely, we should sit out on the balcony and chat. Well, you'd think I'd at least learn things the hard way, but evidently not even the hard way can beat some lessons into my brain. See, it was a very blustery day, and the door to the hallway ended up slamming shut. The balcony door locks automatically, and I never have my keys out there because we're usually chillin' and...why would I carry my keys around the flat??? I have to say that I am eternally grateful that Alisa's window was easy to "break into," and that I had been in this very situation before - except that means I've locked myself out of the apartment on more than one occasion (twice now with no one inside the apartment, and more times than I can count with people inside to rescue me). We managed to crawl through Alisa's window and back into the apartment, but I don't know what would have happened if that weren't an option. Visions of having to bug the neighbors for the landlord's number (and borrow their phone), or maybe staying at WILG until Alisa had gotten back from her New York trip flashed through my mind - and that was assuming I had been brave enough to jump off the balcony in the first place, nevermind what the hell Steve was going to do.

Crisis averted, we went to Star and procured dinner; lamb, couscous (they added the second cous in 1971), asparagus, and salad, and then after watching the Sox game (and nothing else - on which Brooke finally got kicked off), we settled down with the Jackie Chan movie, Who Am I? I liked the movie. I wouldn't have rented it on my own, but I have to admit I am always impressed by the whole "doing his own stunts" thing, especially when they involve falling off buildings (I realize that a 45 degree angle isn't that steep - but clearly Steve had never watched a movie with me before that night, because my gasps and the perpetual covering of my face was mocked).

So there you go - fun times. But you know what will be more fun? Singing Be Like A Duck while I get ready for work in the mornings!

22 April 2006

Because I Can't Keep Lying to Myself


I decided to sort of assess the knitting situation today. I have way too many things going on right now - and at least three more projects in the basket. I kind of took the policy that "if it's not in the picture, I don't have to work on it" today. The embarrassing ones are not in the image because then I'd have to think about them the white mohair branching out, which has been on the needles forever, and the "dutch scarf," which should have been done last year. It's nice to have variety, but I'm in desperate need of a finished project, and I'm starting to hedge my bets. Anyone want in on this pool? Which one will she finish first?!

Also, today: A completely inane, self-serving music survey in my Last.fm Journal titled My Life in Random Songs (not to be confused with the Soundtrack to My Life, which is something I compiled last year with songs I chose - this one is totally randomized. Thus, stupid...er)

And finally, not to be forgotten, today's perspective on the job search in AIM conversation format:
(laura): so you walked out after that interview? i was imagining you pacing and i would pay to have seen that
dearsweetbriar: hahaha
dearsweetbriar: if i think of my life as a sitcom (which i love to do), i would have wanted to watch yesterday from an outside perspective, too
dearsweetbriar: it was too funny
dearsweetbriar: it sucks, though, that interviews that went well didn't pan out
dearsweetbriar: and the ones that sucked all want to give me jobs
dearsweetbriar: it really is way too much like dating

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Now Reading: The Secret Life of a Knitter by the Yarn Harlot

21 April 2006

Bye-Bye Sock

I cast on the second sock yesterday on my way to the interview-where-nothing-went-right (except the interview itself) - and was kind of proud of myself. I mean, second sock syndrome wasn't really affecting me yet, I was excited about the sock and given that my self-imposed deadline is kind of far off, I was doing fine. Great, even!

Today, while I was at the interview-where-I-had-to-leave (that's right, get up and leave...Story to follow), I realized that I had done it all wrong. The pattern on the other sock went k3, p1, k1, p1. On this one, I had done k3, p2. I wondered if anyone would notice the cuff being different (no one would), I wondered if I could live with myself (I could), and almost went on. By this time, though, the interview had taken the turn for the worst, and I just started ripping without a second thought. I regret that now only because I don't feel remotely like casting on a sock anymore. It will be nice that they're both completely correct *rolls eyes*, but I only say that because I still assume there will be two.

Regarding my second interview today: I got there, and the principal architect came in to interview me (it's a 3 person firm, give or take a few satellite workers from time to time). The position wasn't awful, nor was it superfantastic. It was just...a job. I wasn't particularly thrilled about it, so when he got to the (embarrassingly low) salary offer, and the tiny little fact that the medical insurance is opt-in and taken out of that low salary, I was about ready to say thank you and let us both be on our way, but then he remembered that he has a questionnaire that he has potential interns fill out! So, I say, "okay," and get a two question form ("Why do you want to work at this firm?" I don't. "What can you contribute to this firm?" Well, more than making coffee and running errands...Which is mostly what the job description seems to be.)

This isn't even the worst part. Desperation could have allowed me to take this job over retail or serving people. It wasn't the job. What made me leave was this: When I was left with this questionnaire, he went to take a phone call. Twenty minutes later, he took another phone call! I had been done filling out the form in under two minutes, already having decided that I wasn't about to gush about how much I wanted this job, so I had filled in pretty standard BS answers. This was the last part of the interview. I was to hand it to him and presumably be shown out, but since he was locked in his office...I just sort of put it on the pile of papers he was writing on and left (mind you this was after a few minutes of pacing, hoping he'd notice me, and maybe say goodbye or something).

So, that was a big fat bust, as was the sock. I guess the interview could have been worse. Like three years ago, when an interviewer laughed in my face at my experience as a waitress. I put on the most forced smile I could, and told him that since he had requested applicants have good people skills, maybe the waitressing (the only other job I'd had at that point besides my UROP) would serve to demonstrate that (at least in print), but yes, maybe it was silly for me to list it, after all. I didn't need the internship at the time, so I should have thanked him for his time, and left then, but I was young and naïve, so I stayed. This was five minutes before he told me that the internship was unpaid (a detail that he had neglected - perhaps even flat out ignored - throughout our weeks of contact prior to the interview).

So, today's been kind of sucksville, but I might have a temp position as a drafter at a great firm. Even though it's got an expiration date, it might be a phenomenal experience, so...Maybe I'll celebrate a little tonight after all.

So far, keeping it together's been enough


20 April 2006

Geeked Out

...Perhaps. A little. Okay. A lot.

So, I met the Yarn Harlot today. Got to listen to her talk, worked on my feather and fan shawl a bit, and met a nice Harvard girl named Inna, who has a stitch n' bitch at her dorm every week - that I am now invited to. (I was going to ask her if she went to MIT, because she gave off a vibe...turns out she's going there for grad school after a year in England. I may have graduated almost a year ago, but I can still read the vibe.)

Regarding this picture: I felt I needed to point out that I'm wearing heels. I fall victim to the same "short person" feelings. I compensate my elevating myself with painful shoes :) I only say this because Stephanie mentioned her height, or lack thereof - and I can feel her pain.

Meeting the Yarn Harlot!!!
Stephanie, me, and the Paisley Lace Shawl that did not earn an Olympic gold medal but tried it's gosh darndest

I wish I had written some of the things down - like the joke about weenie warmers. That I will spare you from - for now. But beware, friends.

Also, meeting a large group of knitters - all different ages and "types," was so enthralling. Much different from eyeing another knitter warily (or all friendly-like) on the T. Sure, you can strike up a conversation, but you should see the looks you get from other subway riders! It was a lot of fun - an experience that I wouldn't mind repeating (meeting lots of knitters and stalking Stephanie around - joke!). All of my knitting friends, like all of my boyfriends, have been friends first...So it's a bit weird for me to meet people this way. (Weird as in "OMG, why haven't I done this before!?" - unlike casual dating)

I also have to give Stevie McSteviekins his due and also props for our entertaining day yesterday. But that's for later. I'm leaving for WILG now. (Ay, and there's also job stuff to sort of report. But I'll probably save that for tomorrow)

19 April 2006

Holy Crap!

When it rains, it pours.

I heard from an architectural placing agency today, and am going in for an interview tomorrow, but right after I set that up, she called about a potential immediate job at a firm owned by a GSD professor. I still have the interview tomorrow, and possibly the weekend to mull this job over. It's a contractural job, hourly pay - to end in June, but it might look as good on my resume as my stint at SOM, which only lasted a month...

Then, while I was on the phone with someone else, I got a phone call from another architecture firm about an interview for next week!

Just when I had started losing all hope, and seriously thinking about hauling myself over to Starbucks (except that would require not being a sad lump on my couch, which was one thing stopping me from that fate)...someone saved me - and at least helped me realize that I have a good ten weeks or so to find a job in my field, at least.

(Not to get all weird about this, but I've been lighting prayer candles for my grandma for over a year, but in the past month or so, I had stopped because I felt dejected and sad and just...not in the mood. Two nights ago, I decided to say a little prayer to my grandma and lit a candle - and apologized for neglecting her and our little ritual. I also told her about my job troubles and...I know this...sounds ridiculous, so I'll stop - but seriously. It's a little freaky, and also makes me feel a little bit like someone is looking out for me.)


Today, I've decided not to bore you with my usual routine to let you know that I will be spending all of my free time knitting and reading THIS...:

Knitting Rules

...in anticipation of tomorrow, when the Harlot herself (who is so amazing that Porter Square Books had to change venues because they could not house that many knitters who wanted to meet Stephane - that's right) will be at the Masonic Hall (1950 Mass Ave). The invitation is still open to any of my knitting (and non-knitting) friends...eh? eh? It'll be fu-un...

Anyway, if you'll excuse me, I'll be in the living room...reading.

18 April 2006



"This is me and Manish, meeting for the first time"



Aw...My computer, or the Sudoku website, reset my play count! I had played over a hundred puzzles on my computer, and my fastest times on the easy and medium puzzles were AWESOME. It's all gone...


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16 April 2006

Happy Easter!

I give you...(drumroll)...the eggs! (of the hard boiled variety, because man - it was windy when I took these, and I was afraid the hollowed out eggs would blow off the balcony and break).

IMG_3660 IMG_3661 IMG_3662
IMG_3664 IMG_3665 IMG_3666
IMG_3668 IMG_3669 IMG_3670

As usual (not always, but usually), you can click on them to get larger images.

15 April 2006

In My Next Life, I'm Going To Pay Attention in Math

Sometimes I dream of a place in France or maybe it is Ohio where people live in big houses with peeling white paint and children play on swingsets in the backyard

14 April 2006

How I Got Turned on to My Top Ten

I wrote a journal entry on last.fm today that I thought was kind of cool. It's about the top ten bands that I listen to and how I was introduced to them. It was kind of fun. Matt, this is my prompt. If people don't have an audioscrobbler page, they can just pick ten bands (although I recommend getting an audioscrobbler page, anyway).

How I Got Turned on to My Top Ten

Apron Boobs Face

So, I just went to Star and broke my arms carrying too many groceries. I didn't know I was going to do this. I only went to get more coffee, diet coke, coffee creamer - and eggs.

I came back with salad, whole grain bread, roast beef and horseraddish sauce, strawberries, coffee, diet coke, creamer, and...wait for it - plants. No eggs. Damnit!

Meet the two newest members of my little plant family, (Princess?) Buttercup and Cyndi (haha - I know, I'm sooo creative. Stanley II was better, but again...not all that creative. I pity my future children. They're going to get names like "Apron Boobs-face", or "Shoes butt-back"):

IMG_3639 IMG_3641

Also, for your viewing "pleasure," what happens when you leave a hairband on your wrist when you fall asleep, and trellis scarf progress:

IMG_3645 IMG_3653

What?! There's an Eight IN THE MORNING?!?!

I am awake so early because my orthodontist scheduled an appointment for 10AM today. I figured 10AM was late enough that it would be embarrassing to ask him to move around his stuff for me because I haven't really seen 10AM in weeks (which is only a partial truth. Usually if I wake that early, I roll over and snooze a bit, until a respectable 11AM rolls around, but I still know it's there, on my clock).

I just hope he doesn't ask me if I've made an appointment with the surgeon yet, because the answer is what it has been at my last three visits - "No."

I'm eyeing my knitting warily right now, deciding who gets to come with me to the orthodontist's office. My cross stitch piece is also an option. It's like Sophie's Choice. I can take some knitting on the train, but if it's too complicated, there could be issues. Lace knitting and train rides aren't exactly the best mix. Also, there's residual guilt from when I was supposed to cast on the second blue sock during America's Next...erm...show I don't watch, but I was at WILG with no knitting on my person (*emo tear*).

Also, a book is always another option (I usually take both and decide what to do based on my getting a seat and/or how I feel at the time). I'm getting through my stack o' books more rapidly than I'd like to - mostly because I've never had time to read before, because I was always ever so busy with More Important Things. Now that I'm reading a lot, I feel guilty. I guess I keep asking myself, "Is reading suddenly a More Important Thing? It won't pay the cable bill...so, no." But there's only so much I can do on that front (like apply to three jobs for which I am not remotely qualified a-la this week). I should just stop feeling guilty about things. There, problem solved.

Ok, I need to get going now. I love that I paid half the price for these braces, there are no rubber bands to change, and instead of some "old guy," an incredibly attractive younger man puts his hands in my mouth once a month - but it's about a forty to fifty minute commute from my house, complete with line switching. I guess you can't win 'em all.

I do want to leave you with this perfect recipe (that I have yet to try, but holy wow...I will):

Ziploc Omelette
Crack 2 large eggs into a zip-top plastic bag, or use egg substitute.
Shake to combine.
Add ingredients as desired: Cheeses, onions, green peppers, mushrooms, olives, tomatoes, etc.
Make sure to get the air out of the bag, then zip it up. *
Place the bag into rolling, boiling water for exactly 13 minutes.
Open the bag and the omelet will roll out easily.

*- For a brunch, 6-8 omelets can usually cook in a large pot.

13 April 2006

This morning, I applied to a place called ZEN Associates, even though I wasn't really qualified because I was just tickled pink by their design philosophy. The whole eco-friendly, Japanese garden philosophy is the stuff that got me excited about architecture in the first place, thanks to Bill Hubbard - it was probably one of the only things I truly took from his studio (although these days Norman Foster and Frank Gehry are what get me all hot).

Speaking of which, I found this online the other day:

New York Times TowerThe New York Times Tower competition entry by Frank Gehry and David Childs (Gehry Associates and SOM). From Architectural Record: The architects’ entry was a 1.5-million-square-foot, 45-story glass tower that presented a swirl of facades that, at street level, resembled a folded copy of the Times caught in the wind. As the building rose, the form resolves into a more rectilinear shaft, with leasable floor plates. At its apex, the building erupted into peaks inspired by the Times’s calligraphic masthead font. The duality between calm and chaos they created allowed the building to conform to the street grid, while also carving out a unique identity on the skyline. It has been said that the collaboration between Gehry and Childs was strained, but for whatever reason, the team withdrew its design just weeks before the competition concluded. The commission went to Renzo Piano Building Workshop and Fox & Fowle Architects, whose design is under construction.
Ha. Imagine that...the collaboration was strained *rolls eyes*. I find the rivalries between the big guys in most professions funny, but you have to have a big ego to make it big, I suppose...When I was working at SOM, we could not get the people working on the Memorial garden of the WTC site to tell us what kinds of trees they wanted to use. There was no rhyme or reason. Everyone at the firm signed a confidentiality waiver. No one was allowed to talk about it, and despite the ironclad contracts, they wouldn't release the information when we needed it, which was both frustrating and kind of hilarious.

Gehry was supposed to be working on an Arts Center, and there was a fourth collaborator - but Daddy Silverstein didn't want any of his architects talking to each other! I thought that was just fantastic given that this was supposed to be a sensitive and collaborative design scheme. I particularly loved how Daniel Libeskind wasn't involved in any of the planning beyond his winning submission for the design competition. Silverstein picked SOM because of his prior relationship with them, and would have regardless of what design won the competion. While I like the new building scheme, I also think that it's not quite what Libeskind envisioned.

timesre Just in case anyone cares, this is what the NYTimes building on 8th Ave will look like, by the Renzo Piano Workshop and Fox & Fowle. I guess Renzo Piano and Fox & Fowle are respectable enough, but this looks like every other building around Times Square these days. Call me silly, but there was something really playful and creative about the concept of a copy of the Times blowing away in the wind, and I'm sad that it won't be built. Then again, the New York Times logo is supposed to be HUGE and on the 8th Ave entrance, which does look kind of stunning...she said, grudgingly.

timesre5 timesre3

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