09 April 2006

Look at the way, we've got to hide what we're doing

Yesterday was a long day. A long, fabulous day, but still l o n g. I went over to WILG at 3:00 then from there headed to the yarn store on Newbury street, then to the salon for a pedicure, and finally to dinner and a movie.

I was pretty beat when I got home, but I called college boyfriend because I wanted to talk to him about Thank You For Smoking needed to talk to him. For whatever reason, I needed to hear his voice.

I swear to all that is holy that I did not call for any reason other than that I saw a movie that made me think of college boyfriend, and I wanted to talk (I say this because I asked him a question in the middle of the conversation, and it was a natural segue, but I "got all serious," and apparently it was an intrusive question or something. I also ended up crying.) It was like when you know you want to take a walk, but you wander around aimlessly and get lost and find your way back. That's the type of conversation I felt like I needed last night. My heart was burdened with so many sad things and I needed to release them somewhere.

And then I cried.

Because I got the memo that this is not the type of conversation you have with your ex-boyfriend, but it got lost in the mess on my desk.

I would like to be better, calmer, more collected. The way I know I am when I'm happy. I'm trying so hard, and most days it's okay. But sometimes...sometimes I'm the same person I was at Christmas, and it drives me crazy. It's okay when I can compartmentalize, and breathe, but last night so many other things were happening around me that I just wanted to run screaming out of the theater and keep going until I didn't know who I was, or where I was, or why.

I think of places like LA, San Antonio, St. Louis. I want to be there. I am afraid it will never change. I am afraid that I'll go on like this for so long that it'll become chronic, and I won't ever snap out of it. Just tell me that I won't be like this forever. Tell me there is hope. Tell me I will feel better. Tell me, PLEASE, that one day I'll see him or think of him or speak to him and feel nothing. The best day would be the day I felt happy for him and nothing else.

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Emily said...

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