04 April 2006

Soho is, like...on the other side of the world!

I had a dream last night that a certain friend of mine was leaving to work in Soho.

I had just finished taking the "Architecture GRE," and had failed to do one part of the exam. I kept switching seats, and leaving behind one of the packets each time. I knew that I had failed the exam, because I never completed the packet I kept forgetting: the "sketch a perspective" portion of the exam. It was worth 48% of the final score, and I hadn't even finished the other packet in time. It was dark and grey outside, and there was a big storm warning, and the feeling in the air kept me from concentrating.

Later, a bunch of the people who had taken the exam with me were at a table in the hallway, and Steve, who was there as a volunteer because he had already taken the exam, told me not to worry because I could just take it again. I couldn't decide whether to snap at him about his affected Dutch accent first, or the fact that "just taking it again" wasn't an option because $538 doesn't just
grow on trees, Steve.

It was just after this that the friend of mine made their announcement, and everything just went dark (because Soho is so ridiculously far away, you see, and I was absolutely crushed). The proctor told us that we needed to go upstairs for our scores and some punch and cookies, and Thomas Ian Nicholas (who happened to be a good friend of mine - and had a bit of a crush on me, I might add) told me to follow him upstairs, but I just stood there while everyone trickled away in different directions.

I tried to track down Thomas, but by the time I went to the stairwell, he had gone upstairs, and I couldn't remember where to go for the punch and cookies. On one of the landings, a used violin string caught my eye, then another one, and another. Out of curiosity, I followed the trail of discarded violin strings towards the roof exit.


Cristian said...

What's going on in SoHo? Boston is not that far from New York. I live in New York and study in Tribeca. Nice place...

Stephen said...

And congratulations to me for apparently already taking the exam.

Seriously though. If I come back with a Dutch accent, I want you to beat me with my wooden shoes.

Emily said...

It means nothing ;)