20 April 2006

Geeked Out

...Perhaps. A little. Okay. A lot.

So, I met the Yarn Harlot today. Got to listen to her talk, worked on my feather and fan shawl a bit, and met a nice Harvard girl named Inna, who has a stitch n' bitch at her dorm every week - that I am now invited to. (I was going to ask her if she went to MIT, because she gave off a vibe...turns out she's going there for grad school after a year in England. I may have graduated almost a year ago, but I can still read the vibe.)

Regarding this picture: I felt I needed to point out that I'm wearing heels. I fall victim to the same "short person" feelings. I compensate my elevating myself with painful shoes :) I only say this because Stephanie mentioned her height, or lack thereof - and I can feel her pain.

Meeting the Yarn Harlot!!!
Stephanie, me, and the Paisley Lace Shawl that did not earn an Olympic gold medal but tried it's gosh darndest

I wish I had written some of the things down - like the joke about weenie warmers. That I will spare you from - for now. But beware, friends.

Also, meeting a large group of knitters - all different ages and "types," was so enthralling. Much different from eyeing another knitter warily (or all friendly-like) on the T. Sure, you can strike up a conversation, but you should see the looks you get from other subway riders! It was a lot of fun - an experience that I wouldn't mind repeating (meeting lots of knitters and stalking Stephanie around - joke!). All of my knitting friends, like all of my boyfriends, have been friends first...So it's a bit weird for me to meet people this way. (Weird as in "OMG, why haven't I done this before!?" - unlike casual dating)

I also have to give Stevie McSteviekins his due and also props for our entertaining day yesterday. But that's for later. I'm leaving for WILG now. (Ay, and there's also job stuff to sort of report. But I'll probably save that for tomorrow)


Stephanie said...

Briar, it was lovely to meet you. I had a wonderful time, which is incredible, considering how scared I was. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Briar-- I'm a big fan of the Yarn Harlot, and when I saw your name I had to say hi-- my daughter's name is Bryar Rose, and I'm hoping that pointing out that OTHER Briar's knit will make her pick up her needles (or even her crochet hook) just a little more often... Lovley Olympic scarf, btw-- and I'm soooo jealous that you got to meet Stephanie:-)

Kathe said...

Hi Briar-I am visiting your blog because Stephanie linked to it & had to tell you I saw Stephanie(and got my book signed) in NJ last week, and also loved the williewarmer joke. Also the story about the Memphis Incident. I, too, am a subway knitter(but in NYC)and have had many lovely conversations on the subject as a result! We do come in a variety of packages. Cheers,Kathe