30 April 2006

Snuggle Puppy

Now Listening: Eric Stoltz - Snuggle Puppy (no longer a working link)


Rossana said...

Delurking here. =)

I might be mistaken with regard to what I think is the Cambridge Common, but if it's the one in/near Harvard Square and you like having a place a bit more serene, you might like the Radcliffe Yard area. I vaguely recall some very peaceful and pretty little alcoves around Byerly Hall. I think there were little benches. Of course, it's been years so I could be wistfully imagining it. Anyway, I think it's that whole patch near the Agassiz Theatre.

Enjoy spring in Cambridge/Boston!

Briar said...

Thanks for delurking, Rossana! I was really, really wondering who was visiting from VA lately :)

I do mean the park near Harvard Square when I talk about Cambridge Common. Maybe I will try the Radcliffe Yard area, though - it's a bit closer to home, but the one thing I did like about Boston Common was the people watching. The flux of pedestrians is greater in Boston, so the people watching was more interesting, and maybe that's what I liked. However, I will take you up on your suggestion because I might not feel like people watching like that every week :)