01 May 2006

If I'd Only Thought of Something Charming to Say

Happy May!

I finally figured out what to do with the 'army' sock yarn, and I think camo colored Pomatomus socks will be cute, even if my sister probably won't be able to wear them at The Point. It's a little selfish of me not to have thought of it before, but it's because I want a pair of pomatomus socks for myself, and second sock syndrome is nothing compared to the second pair of socks syndrome (SPSS >> SSS). The big problem was that I couldn't settle on a pomatomus yarn for myself, and once it dawned on me that the camo pomatomuses would be amazing, it was hard to persuade myself to find another pattern that might suit the camo yarn. So hopefully the pattern will be fun enough to knit two sets (once I find the right yarn for myself, that is).

A weird part of me is mourning the end of the trellis scarf. I couldn't finish fast enough, and I was bored out of my mind with the pattern (hence ending two repeats early), but really, last night, I pulled out all of my knitting (no kidding - ask Alisa. All of the knitting currently in the house was on the couch or coffee table at one point last night), and just missed that darn scarf. I'm going to need another lace project (the mohair branching out isn't cutting it for me, but I should finish that, too) because all these non-lace projects are driving me nuts.

I also pulled out my Footprints cross-stitch project for the first time in months. I've worked on so many smaller x-stitch pieces since I started the Footprints project that it felt overwhelming again. I don't know if I'll ever finish it, and part of me is okay with that (always having it to work on when I feel like doing x-stitch is somehow comforting), but the part of me that wants a finished product needs to finish (but I'm aeons away from finishing; less than a quarter of the way done--after over a year and a half). It's like this ocean of a project and it's so beautiful I don't even want to touch it [and ruin it] sometimes, but it's for my mom, so I persist.

Knitting To-Do List: [blue] sock, dutch scarf, branching out, army pomatomus, feather and fan stole.

Also, a blue and grey hat (as soon as Matt comes to a yarn store with me to pick out the yarn. and come on - you won't need a hat for months, so it can wait a *bit* - but still, you and Emily find a yarn store in CT, and we'll hit that bitch up for some yarn this summer. Or something less offensive than what I just said).

I'm in a sad mood and I don't know why.

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Emily said...

There *is* a yarn store in Mystic. My mom showed me the ad in the paper when I was home.

Where do you think I'm going FIRST when I get home? Yeah, you guessed it :)

Well, that's after I clean my room. Hehe.