02 May 2006


This is the beginning of the Pomatomus sock. I have a problem. A Big One. I was too eager to start this project, and my size 2 needles were already in use. I have some more size 2 neeldes on the way, but I was all too eager to start this, so I started it on size 1 needles. My sister has a tiny leg, but it's not that tiny. As an aside, though, regarding the color: when I have a good idea, I have a good idea.

Now, I have two options. Frog the thing (rip it, rip it) or make hand warmers! I don't know how talented I am - can I make gloves? fingerless gloves?
Well, the decision was made for me when, before my caffeine kicked in, I dropped a bunch of stitches and decided I'd rather frog the thing and make socks than pick up the stitches and make wrist warmers. My sister is so not the wrist warmer type. Unfortunately.

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Jenna said...

Sure you can! Most of them are just tubes anyway, so the only place you might run into a problem is the thumb gusset (if you want to do one). But I think if you just copied the gusset instructions from another pattern you'd be ok.