11 May 2006

I Also Chose some Journey and Goodbye, Earl -- But Still.

Yesterday was Emily's 21st birthday, so we took her out. Dinner at Tapeo was an inspired idea, Jess. I don't really like the food there, but other than that and Emily having her birthday on the same day as the European Club's outing to Tapeo, the experience as a whole was pretty good. They turned the lights out and had the entire floor sing happy birthday at the end of the evening The waiter got the information when he checked her I.D., so we didn't have to ask him like we were planning to, and that was just awesome of him.

We took Emily to Whiskey's after dinner, where the service and the ambiance have never been fantastic, but this time, the waitress was kind of rude (I mean, her section was slammed, and we were just ordering drinks, so I can see why she was upset, but still -- when we asked her what drink she recommended, she said, "I'm not 21, so I don't drink here," in an annoyed tone. I had people ask me for drink recommendations when I worked at Cheddar's, and I knew nothing about anything and still knew not to answer rudely, and then usually pushed something from the menu, anyway), and the bouncer ended up being an asshole to Jessica -- plus there were the asshole business-men (and one woman) at the next table over who kept looking at the corner where Alisa and I were sitting, maybe because they thought we were too loud? Who knows, but they ended up knocking down our ketchup bottle when they left and didn't even turn around, much less apologize. I said, "Awesome," really loudly, and still -- nothing. I swear...Some people. So we left.

That's where the evening started going terribly wrong in terms of hangover control. Partly because of the terrible experience, and partly because it seemed like a natural progression, we ended up at Cactus Club, where some rather older guy came up to us and told us he recognized us from Whiskey's (and then judged us?! Just kidding, he was nice -- weird, but nice), but it got weirder when he admitted that he recognized Alisa from the fact that she used to have some early class on some day of the week, and would see her walking there two years ago. *Awkward*

Cactus Club turned into Roads, where Emily made us proud. A three wise men, a strawberry cheesecake, (dear God, the Google hits that will come from this:) a stinky pussy, and a [double] kamikaze. Skylar redeemed himself by finishing her sex on the beach, but -- look -- you wimp out at Dim Sum and that's on your permanent record, ok? Redeeming yourself at any point along the way won't stop us from telling the story, only now at the end of the story we will say, "...but then he..." Anyway, the bartender was amazing. He started screaming "Chug! Chug! CHUG! CHUG!" when we were trying to make Emily do her birthday shots. And he made her three very tasty drinks when we asked him to come up with something off the top of his head. He was, in a word, awesome.

So, that was Emily's birthday, from my perspective. Oh, also -- I am not allowed near jukeboxes when I've been drinking, people! What were you thinking allowing this?! Radiohead? The Smiths? Eyes Without A Face?! Was I trying to get everyone in that bar to slit their wrists??


Matt said...

When I turn 21 I'll have to do some fun stuff with all of you guys.

But I might have to pick you guys up at the nursing home... you're all really old.

Stephen said...

Shouldn't there be a law against having Radiohead and The Smiths in jukeboxes at establishments that serve alcohol? Or have knives? Or rope? Or are near roads with cars?

Stick with Journey.

Briar said...

Steve, there should be a law! It would be for people like me, and I am not ashamed about that, but I do think that playing Radiohead/the Smiths/depressing Billy Idol songs should be avoided and prevented!!! Won't anyone think of the children?!

Emily said...

the green thing was the stinky pussy

good luck with those google hits ;)