17 May 2006

Dancing with Myself

Emily was unimpressed with my mad photoshopping skillz, BUT I like the glow that it added. Also, I think that this is an extremely good picture of the four of us, even though at least one of us looks...erm, fairly drunk (redness may have been reduced through the use and fine tuning of several filters). I'll leave who up to your discretion.

Anyway, my iPod has shipped from China! Incidentally, how the heck long does it take things to get here from China...?
I also never posted about the most existential comment I ever got, when you take it out of context. Seriously. Hilarious.
Speaking of existentialism:

There was going to be some Kierkegaard and Pushkin on there, and maybe some Gogol, but I thought that the Dostoevsky was enough for now. Especially if I'm to get through Anna Karenina again this summer (there was a Russian theme, at first. It was kind of lost on Salinger and P&P, but those were a matter of getting the free shipping). But seriously? Those shipping estimates? wtf, amazon? Seriously?


Matt said...

Wait -- how Photoshopped is that? Is that all from different pictures. If so, that is AMAZING and Emily is just being a whore.

Briar said...

Haha, no -- it's just filtered and blurred. Photoshop was being used like "lighting" and a "camera lens," not like "wacky look-what-i-can-do! photoshop"

Jeff said...

Why did you blur the subtotal, but leave the price of the individual items? ;)

Briar said...

Because I'm mildly retarded, okay?