05 May 2006

These Photographs Keep Me Alive


If you click on the image, you can read the full article. Too bad this doesn't seem to translate the other way. Although I do think there's some sort of sexy vibe from any designer - male or female. No? Just me?

Emily's dad asked me if I liked engineers at dinner the other night, and I honestly couldn't answer that question. I think my ideal mate would have some artistic qualities, and that doesn't have to mean he's not an engineer, but if you generalize...(which I did, btw), then I probably don't like the "engineer" type. Not initially, anyway. I mean, there are exceptions to any rule, and generalizing by profession is a terrible prejudice to have when you're dating. You never know with people.

I'm also not ready to put myself out there again, so this is all just...well, a load of crap, basically. I have an ideal, and standards. Those haven't worked out for me so far. I'm just sayin'.

Also: If you haven't watched Colbert's monologue at the White House Correspondent dinner, yet...whoo...

Um, here's a link.

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Stephen said...

I think female architects can be sexy, but let's face facts: Zaha's the most successful female architect. Not a great example.

However, from what I've seen in publications and heard from friends, Caroline Bos and Nathalie de Vries look pretty good. This is to say nothing of female interns and female architecture students I've seen.

But maybe Jose Salinas would disagree. After all, how attractive can you be with tears streaming down your face and your hair all in a mess because your hormones are out of control and you're freaking out at some deadline?

Briar said...

I certainly hope you're not talking about moi. My hair was never a mess - and I only cried once! Twice, max! I mean...jerk.

Oh, and since architects tend to hit their prime after their mid- to late- forties, Here is some Eye Candyfor the Ladies. Now come on. That's Hot.