19 May 2006

It really is about time

Two people that I know from high school, who have been updating their facebook profiles at least once a week, lately, have finally posted that they're engaged.

I'm very happy for them, but seriously? It's about time! They've been dating since high school, I think -- these are friends of mine from the church (well, Luis, anyway) and they were in band (and I was in orchestra, so we weren't that close), plus Luis is one of Jorge's crew (who, again, I wasn't really close to outside of church and AP physics), but the long and short of this is that what's happened in the last five years is really completely unknown to me, they might not have been together this whole time, but I just assumed they were.

Anyway, I say that it's about time with the kindest intentions. I mean, I'm really happy for them, but not all that surprised. The thing is, they went about a year on facebook with zero updates, then suddenly for the past few months, updates galore -- and every time, I looked for the "engaged to" and wouldn't find it. Letdown!

But now, now I can be happy for them! Except seriously. It's about time.


Jenna said...

Aw, that's great. We have friends like that - they lived together for the longest time and it was like they were already married, basically. Their wedding was a couple of weeks ago!

Ashley said...

For the record, from what I know I don't think they dated that whole time...there were definitely some on-off periods in there. But yeah, I agree, it's about time! (Assuming I know who you're talking about...and I think I do!)