31 May 2006

Piccadilly Circus? Come ON! How Can You Not LOVE IT?

American Cities That Best Fit You:
65% San Diego
60% Boston
60% Los Angeles
60% San Francisco
55% Denver

You know....not that I base any decisions about anything on blogthings quizes, but this is pretty funny, given my recent talk of all things West Coast, and the quizzie even threw in a little bit of Boston...you know, because Boston will always be a big part of my life, even though I'll probably leave, and pretty much never look back (a la The Pass). Now...I know that many cities aren't listed on this ridiculous quiz (there are probably ten. I don't know, I didn't research this). I'd probably be really happy somewhere in Connecticut (where I considered living when I thought that New York would be central to my life), or Rhode Island or Maine. I'd probably be really happy in Portland (which is on this quiz, but didn't make the list). And I've been to San Diego, and I've got to say I was not all that impressed. It wasn't a city I could see myself living in forever; rasing a family, buying a house. It was just...what it was. Los Angeles and San Francisco have always been on top of my list, though (even though I said nasty things about LA for a while. It was situational and had more to do with certain people who live near LA. But LA is big. LA isn't the place where you probably run into people all that often. And if it is? So what? I'm not scared of you. If anything, I'm strong enough now that you should be scared of me), and they remain there, even though I don't think San Francisco is a place I'd raise a family, either.

I can picture myself in all of these places, though, and still...none of them. But I definitely don't see myself staying here. I know that Harvard is my one way ticket to anywhere in the country -- anywhere in the world. But I don't know if I can get in. And I don't know if I'd want to.

I might be a chicken and pull what I pulled with Rice -- not even apply. Then again, maybe I learned something valuable: that there's no sense in not trying. I've got nothing to lose, really (except the $75 application fee). And in terms of grad school, it's only a matter of me putting in 3 1/2 years tops -- not like Alisa and grad school, where she knows she has to put in 5 years plus some post grad work in the area. I think I'd be a little more cautious if I had to put in more time.

Also? I'd really like to end up in London. Even if it's just for a semester. Even if it's just for a year. And London was most certainly not on that list.

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Benj said...

65% Austin
60% Atlanta
55% Las Vegas
55% Miami
50% Denver

What the?! MIAMI? You've got to be kidding me. I guess I'd have to give Austin a visit before judging it, but of the others, the only one I'd consider for even a moment is Denver. Boo, quiz.