01 June 2006

Then...You'll Get The Bitch Ending You Deserve!

click to enlarge. Also, see side bar for link to Penny Arcade.

There was some playing of Kingdom Hearts today. I remembered bits of it from when my sister played, but they were nowhere near as cool back then when she was sighing and snapping at me because she'd already played past certain parts, and you lose interest when you're not playing, but merely watching someone play -- even if they ask you what you think they should do next and then don't listen to you, anyway. I mean...I love you, Awbs.

Anyway, yeah, I played this game with Ben until well past 2AM. When stuff that probably wasn't funny started being funny (but I also thought it was funny, I just realized that it probably wouldn't have been to anyone else -- or maybe even us).

The above comic, though, was something that came up twice. It's actually in reference to Kingdom Hearts 2, but I still think it's funny, and somewhat relevant, although it wasn't Jiminy who was giving us trouble today, and we haven't encountered Pooh (because to my knowledge, he's not in this one).

Sigh, such good times. It almost makes me want to get a PS2. But then I remember that I have no interest in most other games. And also...there would be no time for knitting.

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