20 June 2006

Crawled Out From The Pain of Yesterday

I just saw a Liberty Mutual commercial about people helping people that made me cry.

People who know me probably aren't shocked about this -- that a commercial can make me cry, but at least one of my friends knows how hard it's been for me to feel like I'm no longer the type of person who cries during commercials, movies, songs, when I'm retelling sentimental stories...I was going through a tough time, and I'd become jaded and a little bitter. I'd stopped being able to cry. Nothing that happened to me and nothing that I saw could elicit enough emotion to make me cry; I wasn't feeling much of anything.

But now, instead of being jaded, instead of becoming more of a cynic...I like to think that I've just learned a little bit more -- that I have a little bit more experience, that I'll be a little bit more careful next time -- but that I won't stop being me. I'm still the same silly, sentimental, hopeful romantic underneath it all, and even though it's easier to be negative about things sometimes, the hope is shining through a little brighter every day.


Jenna said...

Oh my god, I love that ad. I don't blame you one bit.

Sara said...

That commercial is amazing. It made me cry too, goosebumps and all. Craziness.

SheresaTyr said...

i haven't seen the ad, but what you said about yourself pretty much made me cry, then again, i'm still at the random spontaneous crying phase. i hope i can be like you. i hope i can be a better person some day instead of the person i am right now, smarter at least. i guess we'll find out.

see you soon :)