12 June 2006

Ugly Baby Judges You

This "kid" I knew in middle school (who is a totally sweet guy, and I lurve him to death) posted a picture of his baby girl online. There was a bulletin that read, " I uploaded some pics up of my little girl. Let me know what you think!"

My first thought was..."ew," followed promptly by, "gross." I will never tell him this, because, of course "all babies are the cutest baby in the world, but even those are not as cute as yours. I love your baby. Aw."

Don't get me wrong, I'm completely happy for them, and I'm sure she will someday be beautiful, and probably smart and ridiculously charming, if she's anything like her father. And I do usually think that a majority of babies are cute. But there is a time and place for baby pictures, and when the kid is fresh and gooey is not one of them! I could have been eating! Plus, it's a little beyond me why people my age would want children, but then again, I'm in a very different place in life, and it's not for me to judge (although I admit freely that I often judge. At least a little).

To their credit, this baby was planned, and I know she will be loved. And that is beautiful.

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