03 June 2006

Responding to stimuli

I got the first season of Grey's Anatomy on DVD today! Even though I've seen them all (I hadn't realized this until after I'd ordered it), it will be nice to see them all again - in DVD quality. I don't know why I'm so hooked on this show. Besides the fact that some of the characters are incredibly annoying, everything that happens on this show depresses me. I really have reached the breaking point on the whole Mer/Der thing. They're hurting everyone around them, and while I think it would be terrible for McDreamy to walk out on Addison, because she's beautiful and amazing and strong and so much less annoying than Meredith, why won't he just leave his wife already?! I mean, he's not even trying to be with her. I wouldn't be upset if he and Mer chose each other and then terrible, terrible things happened to them. That would be quality television. See? Why do I love this show?

Also, Peter might have gotten me started on Avatar...WHY PETER, WHY?!

It will be like Naruto all over again (when I didn't leave my room for days - even to eat - because I had about sixty episodes of Naruto to catch up on). PS, are there any new episodes of Naruto these days? I'm so over this "side-story" thing. Also? Cartoon Network? You should assume that your viewers can READ. Stop it with the english dubbing. Sure, I don't understand Japanese, but I also don't think the voices you got are at all appropriate. I hate you, Cartoon Network - you make it necessary for me to download these episodes on my already full hard drive.

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