17 June 2006

Mostly Knitting. And Some Bunnies.

The newest bunny movie is up: Superman. And I suggest you go see it before you continue reading [rest of post is mostly about knitting, anyway, so you can stop now, if y'ont to]

I want to start that shawl, but I'm so scared. That lace is both beckoning to me and making me cringe. There is so much potential for messing up here, and I want it to be PERFECT. So, I have a few things to do. First, I need to make two or three photocopies of the pattern (FOR MY USE ONLY. No copyright infringement here!). This is so I can highlight and post it and jot down notes and have a copy in the apartment, one on my person (or with the shawl), and a spare. At least.

Then, I'm going to browse the errata one more time. And jot them down on the pattern.

And then light a candle and pray.

And then start the shawl.

But first, I've taken the edge off of the pomatomus that was pissing me off by knitting something else. A surprise. A secret knitting project, if you will. Alisa alone (well, and the realtor who was showing us places today) knows what it is, and that's just because she's around while I knit sometimes. So, when I'm done with that, I'll post a picture. And I'll probably hold off on starting the shawl until after that.

I'm kind of beat from looking at apartments today, and then the sushi dinner I had with Alisa, the best roommate in the world. Really, she is. I We (we really only do things together these days. Except I don't go to work with Alisa. But man, if I could...) have a busy weekend, too. Dim Sum, more apartment searching, and a housewarming party on Saturday. Then only Church on Sunday. Except really church, not the Green Day song.



Jenna said...

You're right, there is potential to screw up (especially if this is your first big lace project) but I promise you that it's not as hard as it looks. If you're diligent about keeping track of your stitches (use stitch markers between every pattern repeat! that way, if you make a mistake, it's much easier to know where it is) you'll be ok.

Anonymous said...

What Jenna said. :)

Stitch markers, lifelines, deep breaths, and lots of patience. Also, remeber that lace is enjoyable. You're supposed to have fun.

Take a deep breath, cast on, and you'll be fine :)