19 June 2006

Oh, and There Were Buttons, Too

I finally found the Windsor Button store today.

I ended up there after I went to a job interview. The one that's tomorrow. Oops? What happened was this: I wrote the appointment on a calendar that starts on a Monday, then transferred it to a calendar that starts on a Sunday. Or at least, that's my official story, which is what appears actually happened. The unofficial story is that I'm completely stupid and probably inbred, and things like this could only happen to me these days.

So, on my way back home, after confirming my real interview tomorrow (I'll open with, "I was just really eager!"), I decided to find Windsor Button because I've always been a little curious. I wanted to see what kinds of yarns they had, and I needed a crochet hook to pick up a stitch I had dropped earlier today (and I was travelling sans crochet hook because I'm stupid stupid stupid). Once I was inside, I kicked myself for not having been sooner. It's like Michaels meets Pearl meets LYS. They had more craft things than a yarn store, but less art things than Pearl, and lots less stuff than Michael's but it was laid out like a Michaels. Or Pearl. But anyway, I found all sorts of fantastic yarns. "Fun" yarns like Berocco yarns that I can't imagine I'd ever make anything out of that I could wear in public, but it's fun to dream. "Classy" yarns like Debbie Bliss...And...NORO. They had the Noro Daria. It was fantastically weird -- again, I can't imagine what I'd knit with it (those crazy Japanese yarns), but it was so. cool.

I walked out with a cable needle, a crochet hook, Chibi darning needles, point protectors (for my lace), and some Cherry Tree Hill supersock merino yarn (in Green Mountain Madness).

So all in all, it wasn't a terrible day. Except now I'm hungry. And sweaty. And for the love of all that is holy, did not want to go out in today's 96° insanity for what ultimately amounted to "nothing."

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