01 June 2006

SOCK Progress...

The sock is ready for toe grafting. This is the part that scares me. This sock? This sock is perfect. PERFECT. Okay, there's a row where I missed a stitch pattern. There's a hole where I picked up the gusset stitches. But still. Despite the single real mistake that no reasonable person would notice, the toe scares me. Because even though there are a mere 16 stitches left on this sock after thousands of stitches, and all I have to do is kitchener those puppies closed, I feel like there is so much potential for screw up.

This is where I put the sock down, take a deep breath...do a shot of vodka...just kidding. But I do take a deep breath. Then I dive in...and...

I'm stupid. All this time, I always wondered why the working needles were away from me when I knit in the round. It's because I knit inside-out and backwards. And this...is how we learn. Mistakes, friends. Mistakes are how we learn to do right next time.

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