14 June 2006

You Know He Is!

Okay, you're going to think I'm weird, but I need to get something off my chest.

There is something disturbing me about the new Garfield movie, and I don't just mean that they're making it. What's really rubbing me the wrong way is the title. Okay, okay. I get it, it's a play on words. It's a "tale" of two "kitties" whose identities are mistaken.

But, HELLO! This is just the Prince and the Pauper! I know that there are no original ideas in Hollywood anymore, and that almost any story can be traced back to older stories, because there are only so many stories, and the only differences are nuances, or twists, or directions the movie takes. Fine. I get that. I don't even notice it most of the time. Heck, I tell the same stories over and over and over again. I get it, Hollywood.

But to make The Prince and the Pauper starring Garfield, then name it after a classic Dickens novel?! It's just...it's insulting is what it is. And to add injury to insult, this is the only Dickens I ever enjoyed, even though Dickens is insufferable and pompous. Surely there was some play on words they could have come up with using the prince and the pauper? Okay, maybe not...since this rant has been building up for weeks, and I still can't. But I maintain my general lack of respect over the whole situation.

-----End Rant-----

So, I'm watching Sailor Moon, which is just one of the many joys I've discovered recently since I downloaded bittorrent...Laugh all you want (Laura thinks my love of certain anime shows is funny), but Sailor Moon is just about one of the best shows, ever. It's even in Japanese, not dubbed in English, which is kind of foreign to me erm, unfamiliar to me, but it seems better this way. I read that the English dubs dropped a lot [of violence and homosexual references], and cut some episodes, but even so, I only ever saw the first story arc in English, and luck would have it that without any research at all, I've downloaded the second story arc!

Plus, I know he's a cartoon character, but man is Tuxedo Mask dreamy...(I'm still learning all of their Japanese names, but he's more familiar to me as Darrien, which is what I was going to name my first son when I was...whatever age I was when I was watching a lot of Sailor Moon).

-----End Things About Briar You Never Needed To Know-----

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