14 June 2006

It Was A Dark And Stormy Day

No, really. Look at those ominous clouds!:

Couple that with some wicked loud thunder and that beautiful rain smell, and you've got yourself a real, almost Southern Storm (I miss those. So much. It really does hurt sometimes. There's really no rain like rain in the desert).

So in light of that (and in lieu of venturing out in that), I was going to sit inside and make my mirrored pomatomus socks. That's when it really became a dark day:

This is my upteenth attempt at this (okay, sixth), and that's my fiftieth chart (okay, third). I'm really ready to cry. For days, this is all I've been doing. Casting on, knitting the cuff, knitting at least 15 rows of the chart, then ripping it back and trying again. I want to work on something else, but I have no projects in mind. Won't someone save my sanity?

Things I want to knit include the intarsia band on the hat I want to make Matt (but I don't have the yarn for that, and anyway, I don't really feel like knitting winterwear), and I kind of want to start a shawl, but don't have the energy to take on something so big and intricate.

I could just knit a second pomatomus that isn't mirrored. I suppose that's a possiblity.

*&Goes to corner and pouts*

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Stephen said...

I know those storms mostly as Maine storms since I spent my summers as a kid at camp there. Huge amounts of thunder and lightning and lots of rain with a little wooden cabin with screen windows to protect you. Good times.

Yesterday we got a full dose of North Sea storm. That was big, but I haven't seen any like that before here. Maybe the summer will bring a few.

Whatever floats your boat. Or, in the case of storms, sinks it.