07 June 2006

He Certainly Was No Gregory Peck. But, Really, No Man Is.

I just got back from watching The Omen with Chris. It wasn't scary so much as suspenseful, and besides, it's a remake -- and everyone knows what happens in the end. "Please, Daddy...No."

The guy next to me answered his phone twice and kept checking the time. The film seemed dark; underexposed. Not like it was supposed to be, but like the contrast was off, or something. I'm sure it was intentional, I just didn't appreciate it. Especially with cellphone mcgee sitting next to me flashing the light on his phone every fifteen minutes. Seriously. Why go see a movie if you're not going to watch it. At least let other people enjoy. Rent it. Then you can be a dick from your couch, instead of in a theater next to me.

So, on IMDB, Mia Farrow isn't one of the first billed actors? That seems odd to me, but still, my point before wandering over to IMDB was going to be how it's funny that Mia Farrow was the keeper of the devil's baby in this version. When has that come up before? Just kidding.

There wasn't much reason to post except I wanted to say that I'm strangely happy about the commenting on the last post. It was the first week ever that all of the songs were guessed! I'm bad at guessing who will guess which songs, though. For real. There's been a lot of Alison Krauss and then yesterday's two Franz Ferdinand songs, and I was surprised at who didn't get those. Also, all of you who visit...maybe you don't know? Maybe you don't want to delurk? But California needs to represent. I know you all have some pretty good radio stations out there...so that's my lame attempt to delurk you guys. I'll never do it again, I swear.


Laura said...

It's the devil's linen closet!

Benj said...

See, what had happened was, I never did get You Could Have It So Much Better, so I don't know the lyrics to those songs much. I feel kind of crusty now though cos I love "Walking Away". *shakes fist at Laura*

And my Alison Krauss is pretty much limited to what's on the Live with Union Station two-disc. Which covers a lot, but leaves a lot open.

Can't wait to see the rain flowing off my ill-fitting mortar board tomorrow...