06 June 2006

Lyrical Guessing Tuesday Minnesota Represents / I Haven't Seen Connecticut Chiming In These Past Five Weeks

Okay, the rules (shortened, because...well...y'all should know by now):
Step 4: All y'all take a stab at what song and artist the lines come from.
Step 5: I cross out the songs when someone guesses correctly.
Looking them up on Google or any other search engine is Cheat, Cheat, CHEATING!
Are you ready???
1) This is the last time that I will say these words
2) Something is changing inside of me/Colors seem darker in light.
3) Somewhere over the rainbow, way up high
4) As I took step number four, into the close of your tenement, you cast your darkened eyes so low
5) If it can be broke then it can be fixed, if it can be fused then it can be split -- It's all under control
6) Two jumps in a week, I'll bet you think that's pretty clever, don't you boy?
7) I'm all busted up/Broken bones and nasty cuts/Accidents will happen/But this time I can't get up
8) Breaking my back just to know your name, seventeen tracks and I've had it with this game
9) I swapped my innocence for pride, crushed the end within my stride
10) She's blood, flesh and bone, no tucks or silicone...
1) This is the Last Time by Keane (Laura)
2) Don't Deconstruct by Rilo Kiley (Laura)
3) Somewhere Over The Rainbow sung by Judy Garland (Ben)
4) What You Meant by Franz Ferdinand (Laura)
5) The Pioneers by Bloc Party (Ben)
6) High and Dry by Radiohead (Laura)
7) Pulling Teeth by Green Day (Laura)
8) Somebody Told Me by The Killers (Ben)
9) Walk Away by Franz Ferdinand (Laura)
10) She's So High by Tal Bachman (Ben and Laura)


Benj said...

3. "Somewhere Over the Rainbow"... Judy Garland recording?
5. "Pioneers", Bloc Party
8. "Somebody Told Me", The Killers
10. "She's So High", by... somebody. Crap what is his name.

Laura said...

1. This Is The Last Time by Keane
2. Don't Deconstruct by Rilo Kiley (recent addition to my collection...if you like them, they have former teen stars and they are mentioned in the Gilmore Girls, all systems are go)
4. What You Meant by Franz Ferdinand
6. High and Dry by Radiohead
7. Pulling Teeth by Green Day
9. Walk Away by Franz Ferdinand
10. Tal Bachman...I'll pretend that wasn't the easiest one.

And the Minnesotans take the board!!!! Was Ben being nice by leaving those Franz Ferdinand ones for others? I am not having a similar "nice" inclination, and your iTunes clearly wanted this to happen, so better luck next week kids. This message has been brought to you by my 65 gigs of mp3s.

Briar said...

HA. Laura, you are my hero.

I thought the same thing about Franz Ferdinand.

I guess that's one thing about you Minnesotans -- you know your music :)

Matt said...

No one likes Minnesota anyway so you can have your victory on Blogger.