12 June 2006

God, How You'd Like it...You'd Like it to Fade

Here is all the crap I haven't written about since I disappeared off the face of the earth. Each blurb should be its own several paragraph entry, but since it's too late for that, you get sloppily written blurbs. Because blurb is fun to say, and this way, I don't have to think about what I'm writing. Which is why I've avoided writing, anyway:
Alisa bought a DVD player. Now I can watch Grey's Anatomy on the TV! I'm very excited about this, and have already used the DVD player to watch The Village sans commercials (it's been on TV lately, but with commercials and without some scenes...bleh). This is fantastic.
I'm working on the second pomatomus army sock. I really messed up the heel, and had knit the whole heel flap and turned half the heel before I realized I'd done it backwards. Since I'd already messed up, I decided to rip the whole thing out and do a "mirrored" version, instead of two matching socks. We'll see how it turns out. The army socks have sort of been my prototypes and the purple sock yarn is my "now I'm an expert" version. This won't be any exception, I suppose. This is slightly less fantastic, but will be fantastic when I have two completed pairs of pomatomuses. Pomatomi?
I went to two graduation dinners last week. One in the North End with Ben's family and Taz, and one at an Afghan restaurant with Jessica's family and Alisa. Really, it's enough to move me to tears that I was invited. I...there are no words. I immensely enjoyed both dinners and it's really fantastic meeting families. It's one of those things I always realized I took for granted in high school -- that I knew all of my friend's families just because of house visits, and how it's sort of a big deal to meet people's parents now because we all live in different cities.
Jessica's gone. I suppose I didn't post when Ben left, either. They're both gone. I'm a little sad. A little out of sorts. I miss them, but I still can't really believe that this is it. That it's time to move on. Because it doesn't seem different. I just know it is.

Jessica's sisters went out with us on Friday night, and we had a blast. There was dancing, which means that Alisa and I have put in our dancing time for the next six months...but it was fun. I always enjoy the Phoenix when they play '80s and top 40. And while there's some unwanted flirting, the guys there aren't nearly as aggressive as they are everywhere else.
I have an interview next week. I'm excited about that. Really, I am. It's a big company, so maybe I can finally have friends. We'll see, but either way, it's just a placeholder until grad school, so it doesn't have to be the superfantasticdreamjobi'vealwayswanted.
Alisa and I have to move. Because our landlord is an idiot. And kind of a jerk. And unreasonable. And we hope he has so much trouble renting out this space after we move, since he thinks he's giving us a "deal," when in reality, we've already seen some places on craigslist that are less expensive than ours now, and maybe nicer. Maybe not -- but we have more space than we need, anyway. And nicer doesn't always mean bigger.

I hate moving. But maybe this time I'll be able to paint my walls.

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SheresaTyr said...

i'm sorry you have to move :( what happened? never fear! i can help move stuff when I come visit!
congrats on the interview too, you're a superstar :)

ps there was an article about knitting groups in my town the other day and i thought of you. you crazy kids and your yarn....