14 June 2006

Smitten with my new yarn. And Benji.

**edited to include the following hilarious AIM conversation**
mateo4321: briar - you must watch so you think you can dance
dearsweetbriar: uh, are you kidding me? [don't you read my blog?]
dearsweetbriar: benji is my new love
mateo4321: hahaha
mateo4321: DUDE
dearsweetbriar: i'm going to marry him
mateo4321: i was like
mateo4321: benji should go out with briar. ask my brother.
I went to Woolcott & Co. today, out of frustration and general dissatisfaction with my current knitting situation. Won't you believe it, even though I was looking for something to "inspire me," and not necissarily to purchase, I finally found the lace yarn that will be my frost flowers and leaves shawl!

This is Skacel Merino Lace in color 831 (Light Pink). Not only did I happen across this yarn of my dreams, but I was able to use the swift and ball winder at Woolcot & Co. to make these lovely yarn cakes. I'm very excited about this. Do I start the shawl this weekend? I don't know, but now I have all the materials, and I can't wait to tackle this (but waiting may be in my best interest, as I don't want to start lace when I'm tired or pissy).

I also got some Noro Silk Garden because...well, frankly, I can't resist the Noro. I just can't. I mean, look at it!

When I got home, Alisa and I may have watched So You Think You Can Dance. And I may have fallen even more in love with Benji. And I may have voted for him a little bit. Also, Shut-Your-Mouth-Ben. He said, "Shut. Up," today. And Alisa's right. He's just like our Ben, only not straight.


Jenna said...

I think I almost died laughing watching Benji and Donyelle - they were so great! Your new yarn looks lovely, I say cast on right away. Knitting lace is REALLY fun.

Briar said...

Benji has got a presence that I just can't describe. He seems like someone that everyone would just get along with straight off.

I think I'm a little infatuated :)

I also think I'll probably cast on for the shawl this weekend, lol.