23 May 2006

If I get it all down on paper, it's no longer inside me

I feel a little angry. Small and innocent things are crushed underfoot everyday. Most of the time it’s not personal – it’s just nature grinding away. But sometimes small things are crushed by something else. Something malevolent. Sometimes little things never get a chance. That pisses me off. -- found at waiterrant.net

*Sigh* Sometimes just after a healthy dose of "picking myself up off the ground," I read things like this and instead of just reading the passage lightly, I go straight for the gut-wrenching metaphor. And all before my second cup of coffee Irish Breakfast tea. Except, instead of pisses me off, substitute "makes me sad," and instead of malevolent, substitute "wildly out of my hands."

That's how I feel these days.

Like a little sparrow that never got a chance.

(Except unlike that poor little sparrow, I can pick myself up and make my own chances. But today I want to be reflective and sad. So there)

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Stephen said...

Instead of "wildly out of my hands" substitute "wildly out of my hot little hands."

By the way, I can't get that phrase out of my head.

Briar said...

Just to clear up Steve's comment for the confused, the above is a reply to the response I had for Steve after our previous exchange on this phrase:

I asked around, and it turns out that "hot little hands" is [possibly] something of a southern colloquialism. It just means that you're really eager to get something (and then there's a hand motion that I made that Jess thought was kind of funny, but very descriptive)

That's why I couldn't tell if you were serious, or just being kind of weird.

Jessica face said...

It's true, I back Briar up on this one.