25 May 2006

It's More Caffeine Time!

I'm updating from work because I needed a break from this stupid model that's driving me crazy.

I have absolutely NO desire/interest in finishing it. I just flat out don't want to. Unfortunately, my boss came in and thanked me for my time here, told me he'd be more than happy to give me a reference when I apply for jobs (this man sits on the board of one of the most prestigious Architecture schools in the country), and shook my hand.

I had glue on my finger when he shook my hand. And I was gnawing on a toothpick. And don't even get me started on what I look like at midnight after Indian food and nary a cloth to clean my glasses properly and twelve cups of tea....and poo. Responsibility is weighing heavily on my shoulders. Also the desire not to get bad-mouthed all over the place. And really, how can you just screw over a guy who looked at the model you made and said, "It looks great. Now gesso the crap out of it."

I just want to go home. I want to be done with this. Except...the whole "no job again" thing is kind of grating on my nerves. I'm scared and angry and sad and upset and just...aaaaah!

I think it's time for more caffeine. Then, back to work.

Now Listening: Grey's Anatomy Playlist (AKA the "I want to kill myself...oh wait, there's Gnarles Barkley...Ok, I want to kill myself again...Oh, wait! There's Diplo Rhythm!" &tc. playlist)

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verniciousknids said...

Caffeine always makes you feel better :D