04 May 2006

Really Simple Sh*t

I've decided to ditch the Blogroll in favor of Bloglines. I've been making the move slowly (and using it as an opportunity to weed some people out, erm...update my blog list), but I just wanted to put out fair warning for anyone who might use my sidebar as a jumping point for navigating to other blogs. I only warn you because I know firsthand how frustrating it can be to have things like that change one day with no warning. I also happen to really despise changes in my daily routine - and the blogroll has become that and more. I said the same thing about Mozilla, though - and if anyone ever told me I'd only be able to use IE from here on out, I think I'd fling myself off a building (ironically, I think that's the same thing I said about being forced to make the switch to Mozilla).

I think bloglines will be easier in the long run, and with bloglines, I can see if Emily updated without having to check her blog fifteen billion times a day (but really, bloglines will probably only cut the number to fourteen billion three hundred and six - which is still a leap, people! But not really). Sometimes the "recently updated" feature doesn't work - or people live in the freaking Netherlands (ahem), and so because of the time difference or computer malfuntion, the indicator is not there or gone by the time I bother to check. I just usually compulsively check the blogs. Well, with the power of the RSS feed, I don't have to anymore. This is brilliant! I love RSS. I don't even know what RSS is, except that its power is awesome.

I am still working on the sock that won't die. I am waiting, patiently, for my new sock needles. Also, my books from amazon (one order won't ship until the new Snow Patrol CD is released on May 9th, but hello, amazon? Where's my other order, dudes?), my clothes from forever21 (two separate orders again, this time because they messed up the first one), The Game of Life (a vintage copy from ebay), and...probably several other things that I've forgotten about because I did not get INSTANT GRATIFICATION. God! Okay....omeone take my credit card away. It doesn't even know it should drop from exhaustion because there's no swipey motion when I use it on the Internets! Oh -- before my tangent -- I am waiting, patiently, &tc...so until the sock needles get here, I can't start the pomatomus-es-es. I also think I'm dropping the feather and fan stole...and instead knitting THIS. Because I'm already insane, and my brain function is clearly deteriorating and I think I have the time and the sanity to do it.


Stephen said...

Well, I'm glad I made the cut for the sidebar. Or is this like some reality TV show which you never watch where someone gets chosen by a committee of modelling experts to leave the competition each week because either she's such a bitch or can't convery real emotions to anyone.

However, don't blame me about this whole RSS thingy because it can't work with timestamps from another time zone. (When I post after a long day of work it simply makes no sense to have the time stamp read that it was posted at noon, does it?) Why don't you just make a live bookmark? That keeps up-to-date links to each blog entry and you can check to see if it's been updated or not.

Briar said...

No, I'm not going to tell you whether or not you made the cut ;) That's just still the old blogroll being hosted on blogrolling.com - so you're still being there is unrelated to my moving.

Bloglines is a feed burner - so it's a separate webpage where I can read all of my blogs at once, and the update alerts aren't based on timestamps (because it's a live bookmark - ah!). I could provide a list of all of my blogs as a blogroll (they provide an html code), but the idea of switching to an RSS reader instead of using the blogrolling.com is mostly to declutter the sidebar here - the blogroll will probably be gone within the week - but then again, because blgrolls are good ways of networking, it's still all up in the air - the only decision I've made for certain is to switch from blogrolling.com to bloglines.com because of the live bookmark issue. I know it seems like I'm overcomplicating things, but when isn't that true?

(So, my understanding is that a live bookmark is just a way of reading and subscribing to an RSS feed - so it'd be the same as the bloglines account. I'd rather have it hosted on a website than in my bookmarks folder - but that's just a personal preference.)