16 May 2006

Mexican Food and Fiancés

I've been having odd dreams again -- lately, they've been dreams about marriage, or rather, about engagements and fiancés and family. They're...happy dreams, but they're also strange. The boys in question are from my past (which is why I use the term boy rather than "guy" or "man") -- not the men I'd imagine myself marrying. The reason I'm so happy is because they're meeting my family for the first time (also not a true situation for any of the people in these dreams). For once, I'm with Emily -- they mean nothing, but they're weird nonetheless.
I've discovered the joy of frozen, organic mexican lunches. Burritos, enchiladas...well, that's about it. But YUM. Also, there is lasagna and mac and cheese, but al-so there are burritos and enchiladas. Yes, I'm extremely excited -- you judge all you want, I won't care when I'm stuffing my face with authentic mexican cuisine.
I realized that from this blog, you wouldn't know much about what's going on in my life these days. Maybe someday after work, I'll come home and want to blog, but I don't tend to, lately. I'm a mid-morning blogger, and this work schedule is killing that. Unfortunately, I can't just let my ruminations simmer for hours and then still have the energy to get them down in any solid way once I'm home. None of this is first rate writing, but I see some of it these days, after it's published (i.e. "too late"), and I realize how poor the quality has gotten since a year ago, when I had time to write, then edit, then write some more.

I apologize, but not really. This is for me, not you. But still -- I don't want to get boring. I would write in a journal if I didn't intend to "entertain" in some way or another.

I'm very excited about my nano. It's scheduled to arrive on the 25th. I hope it gets here before then.

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