12 May 2006

Egg ---> face.

You know what's embarrassing? Working on a project for three weeks before finally having a courrier correct your pronunciation of the client's name.

And when you look it up, the courrier was right and you wonder why no one else has bothered correcting you yet.

Congratulations, you're stupid.

See, Also: All you can do when your boss walks in the room is smile like an idiot, and if he tries to ask you a question, accidentally take a sip of your tea or start clearing your throat (a la SJP in the Family Stone) until someone else answers, and he goes away. God, I'm retarded.

PS. Laura, Aw - I miss your face, too. I mostly think it's funny how I interact with these people (not the mispronunciation thing, though. I'm hyper-sensitive about that). The weird part is that they told the placing agency I was doing a "really good job," and didn't use the word "awkward" once. That's called tact.

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Laura said...

just think of the egg as an exfoliant...it might sting a little when you put it on, but it's mostly worth it in the end. we all have to have bad days so we remember what the good ones look like. i miss your face, egg and all. :)