03 April 2006

I Told You So

Pair of Socks

With just a few minor snags, I now have two semi-matched socks. Boy, have I learned a lot about socks. First, the gussets and turning the heel. Oy! What a mess! The first time sock was not so successful. I thought knitting Pasha would have helped, but sometimes my brain does this thing where I learn concepts and I know that I should know how to apply them, and then some hardwiring shorts or something because I can't get from "understanding" the concepts to "applying" them practically. I think I'm ready to start taking on more socks, though - aside from what will invariably turn into chronic second sock syndrome. I also feel like there's some lesson here about yarn. I don't really like the cotton or the way this yarn has a variegated texture, which makes them feel kind of wonky on my feet. I mean, I bought sock yarn. So it's not that I bought the "wrong" yarn - just that I probably bought the wrong yarn for me.

Still, today is a joyous day :) I finished the SOCK!!!

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chawne said...

Cool socks. They look good.