25 April 2006

And I would have stayed up with you all night

There has to be a better way than putting pinholes in my good sheets:

And, the scarf, she is blocking! w00t! Given that I broke my futon tonight by throwing myself on it, I can't decide whether to sleep like this, with the scarf pinned to my mattress next to me, or take my time getting to bed to avoid sleeping with my damp scarf. Well, the futon's not broken, but it's definitely...more..."delicate" now. What can I say? I've put on a little weight, okay?!

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Sara said...

Ha. If it makes you feel better, my former roommate's now husband broke my bed once upon a time. It wasn't even delicate after he sat on it, it was BROKE. One second, bed. Next second, crashed on the floor beyond repair. Good times.

Briar said...

Oh man, I remember you telling me about that/posting it online, maybe? Ha - yeah, I mean...I'm glad it's just a little crack in the wood, plus I literally flung myself on it (the laws of physics be a harsh mistress).