21 April 2006

Bye-Bye Sock

I cast on the second sock yesterday on my way to the interview-where-nothing-went-right (except the interview itself) - and was kind of proud of myself. I mean, second sock syndrome wasn't really affecting me yet, I was excited about the sock and given that my self-imposed deadline is kind of far off, I was doing fine. Great, even!

Today, while I was at the interview-where-I-had-to-leave (that's right, get up and leave...Story to follow), I realized that I had done it all wrong. The pattern on the other sock went k3, p1, k1, p1. On this one, I had done k3, p2. I wondered if anyone would notice the cuff being different (no one would), I wondered if I could live with myself (I could), and almost went on. By this time, though, the interview had taken the turn for the worst, and I just started ripping without a second thought. I regret that now only because I don't feel remotely like casting on a sock anymore. It will be nice that they're both completely correct *rolls eyes*, but I only say that because I still assume there will be two.

Regarding my second interview today: I got there, and the principal architect came in to interview me (it's a 3 person firm, give or take a few satellite workers from time to time). The position wasn't awful, nor was it superfantastic. It was just...a job. I wasn't particularly thrilled about it, so when he got to the (embarrassingly low) salary offer, and the tiny little fact that the medical insurance is opt-in and taken out of that low salary, I was about ready to say thank you and let us both be on our way, but then he remembered that he has a questionnaire that he has potential interns fill out! So, I say, "okay," and get a two question form ("Why do you want to work at this firm?" I don't. "What can you contribute to this firm?" Well, more than making coffee and running errands...Which is mostly what the job description seems to be.)

This isn't even the worst part. Desperation could have allowed me to take this job over retail or serving people. It wasn't the job. What made me leave was this: When I was left with this questionnaire, he went to take a phone call. Twenty minutes later, he took another phone call! I had been done filling out the form in under two minutes, already having decided that I wasn't about to gush about how much I wanted this job, so I had filled in pretty standard BS answers. This was the last part of the interview. I was to hand it to him and presumably be shown out, but since he was locked in his office...I just sort of put it on the pile of papers he was writing on and left (mind you this was after a few minutes of pacing, hoping he'd notice me, and maybe say goodbye or something).

So, that was a big fat bust, as was the sock. I guess the interview could have been worse. Like three years ago, when an interviewer laughed in my face at my experience as a waitress. I put on the most forced smile I could, and told him that since he had requested applicants have good people skills, maybe the waitressing (the only other job I'd had at that point besides my UROP) would serve to demonstrate that (at least in print), but yes, maybe it was silly for me to list it, after all. I didn't need the internship at the time, so I should have thanked him for his time, and left then, but I was young and naïve, so I stayed. This was five minutes before he told me that the internship was unpaid (a detail that he had neglected - perhaps even flat out ignored - throughout our weeks of contact prior to the interview).

So, today's been kind of sucksville, but I might have a temp position as a drafter at a great firm. Even though it's got an expiration date, it might be a phenomenal experience, so...Maybe I'll celebrate a little tonight after all.

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