02 April 2006

Yarn Carnage and Grey's Anatomy

There was so much knitting on Grey's Anatomy tonight!!!

I ruined the scarf *blushes* The remnants of what I tried to salvage are in a pile on my floor right now - no batteries in the camera, or I would have documented the carnage. I ordered some alpaca cloud. Not sure what to do at the moment, actually. I might restart it in the colorway because looking at the pictures has kind of made me fall a little bit in love. Or I might wait for the alpaca yarn. The problem is I ordered it tonight, so I don't know when it will get here, and as soon as I hit publish, I'm finishing that gosh darn SOCK. Because, that's it! I've had it up to *here* with the sock.

I will also be doing my best to track down screen shots/download the episode of Grey's that was on tonight. Because...oh, my me. Meredith bumbling through a sweater as her first project has got to make this the best episode of any TV show I've ever seen. Or maybe it was Izzie schooling Meredith and knitting a perfect sweater in one day. I haven't decided yet.

(Although, does she want her hottie patient to be her boyfriend? Because...how does the boyfriend sweater rule work if you're not with him yet? Either way, knitting your love interest a sweater...risky move, Izzie!)

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