14 April 2006

Apron Boobs Face

So, I just went to Star and broke my arms carrying too many groceries. I didn't know I was going to do this. I only went to get more coffee, diet coke, coffee creamer - and eggs.

I came back with salad, whole grain bread, roast beef and horseraddish sauce, strawberries, coffee, diet coke, creamer, and...wait for it - plants. No eggs. Damnit!

Meet the two newest members of my little plant family, (Princess?) Buttercup and Cyndi (haha - I know, I'm sooo creative. Stanley II was better, but again...not all that creative. I pity my future children. They're going to get names like "Apron Boobs-face", or "Shoes butt-back"):

IMG_3639 IMG_3641

Also, for your viewing "pleasure," what happens when you leave a hairband on your wrist when you fall asleep, and trellis scarf progress:

IMG_3645 IMG_3653

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