07 April 2006

The "I've had this yarn for six months and it's high time I knit something with it" sock

The more I listen to the Joshua Radin EP, the more excited I get about the idea of hopping a bus to New York to see him live. Follow through, Briar. Learn it. Live it.

Oh - and the hair dye update. I am really digging my "new hair colour." It's amazing, actually. So, what happened is the rusty tint at the tips is now the same color as my roots. So my hair isn't actually a different color, but now it's all the same color, which to me equals results, and therefore not a waste of money or time.

Sock update: I had to pull back the heel. Some 30 rows of work. Mostly because I'm stupid. See, I know a heel has a sl1 k1 row, then a purl row. Yet I did the whole heel in stockinette. Me<---stupid. So now I'm about a quarter of the way through the [correct] heel. I don't know what to call these socks yet. They're blue. They remind me of this wrapping paper I once used. I don't want to give away their final destination by naming them that. Like, when I get around to making dad's scarf, it will be called the "Harley Scarf" - but he knows it's coming. Someday. Or like the Dutch Scarf. I mean...nothing. Things I knit usually have patterns, you know? So they're already named. But sock patterns don't have interesting names. So if anyone has any clever suggestions...otherwise, It'll have to wait until they're done.

Now Listening: Joshua Radin - Girlfriend in a Coma

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