09 April 2006

Not quite a mop, not quite a puppet

I am watching Extreme Makeover right now, and I've cried at least three times. The whole time, there has been a lump in my throat - and I know I'm not alone...Laura.

I'd become too bitter for Home Makeover recently, but this week just...gah. It's really tugging at my heart strings.

Part of it is probably perspective. I'm reading Expecting Adam right now, an autobiography about an academic couple at Harvard who accidentally conceive a child, then find that he has Down syndrome, and ultimately decide that they could never even consider abortion. I'm only 20 pages in, but I've read the blurbs: the story is about all of the incredibly miraculous and spiritual things that happen after Adam's conception, and it takes both parents a while to admit to the many curious things surrounding the conception, pregnancy, and Adam's life - and how they have to mentally and emotionally break free from Harvard, and unlearn everything they learned there (Martha knew women at Harvard who had abortions rather than face having a child during the stringent academic year - but keep in mind that this book is seven years old, and Adam was about seven when the book was written. And as with any school, Martha's experience may not be everyone's experience. See, also: me speaking out of my rear because I haven't actually read the book yet). I finished Everything Is Illuminated last week. Another cryfest of a book. I can't wait to see the movie, but I don't know how it can possibly do the book justice.

Also, kermit the frog as a guest star on Extreme Home Makeover??? Too much. They're singing The Rainbow Connection right now. And I'm crying again.

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