22 April 2006

Because I Can't Keep Lying to Myself


I decided to sort of assess the knitting situation today. I have way too many things going on right now - and at least three more projects in the basket. I kind of took the policy that "if it's not in the picture, I don't have to work on it" today. The embarrassing ones are not in the image because then I'd have to think about them the white mohair branching out, which has been on the needles forever, and the "dutch scarf," which should have been done last year. It's nice to have variety, but I'm in desperate need of a finished project, and I'm starting to hedge my bets. Anyone want in on this pool? Which one will she finish first?!

Also, today: A completely inane, self-serving music survey in my Last.fm Journal titled My Life in Random Songs (not to be confused with the Soundtrack to My Life, which is something I compiled last year with songs I chose - this one is totally randomized. Thus, stupid...er)

And finally, not to be forgotten, today's perspective on the job search in AIM conversation format:
(laura): so you walked out after that interview? i was imagining you pacing and i would pay to have seen that
dearsweetbriar: hahaha
dearsweetbriar: if i think of my life as a sitcom (which i love to do), i would have wanted to watch yesterday from an outside perspective, too
dearsweetbriar: it was too funny
dearsweetbriar: it sucks, though, that interviews that went well didn't pan out
dearsweetbriar: and the ones that sucked all want to give me jobs
dearsweetbriar: it really is way too much like dating

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