01 April 2006

Flash Your Stash 2006

It is time for Flash Your Stash 2006! Get ready for some Yarn Porn:

Stash 01

Above are mostly my "reject" yarns. Or just leftovers from projects since complete. Like the black yarn that was used to make my Audrey bag, or the infinite amounts of yarn left over from the Jayne hat. Also the baby alpaca grande that isn't enough yarn to make anything...maybe a hat. This is basically the scrap box, though.

Stash 02

I like this yarn all a little bit more. My NORO is in here! And some really soft light blue yarn that has no project yet - and I need two times more to make the only thing I currently want to make with it. The debbie bliss is for this bolero that will never be done because I messed it up and that made me sad and now I either have to live with the mistake or start over.

Stash 03

This yarn is basically all "neat enough" to display instead of box. I just don't want it to look all unruly. The blue yarn is for an afghan I started in 2004, and the pink yarn is for the Lucky wrap from Stitch N' Bitch Nation. The rest of it is just "filler."

Also, this shot, just because this is yarn pr0n, after all, and this shot was HOTT:

Yarn pr0n


Emily said...

I JUST peed a little when I saw all that yarn.

And the left overs from the shawl are MINE!!! I don't know what I'm going to knit yet, but it will be awesome and soft and amazing!

OH! And we are DEFINITELY getting a pedicure. What about next weekend? I'm going back to see Skylar on the 12th of April so I want to do it a few days before then (or the night before whatever).

So yes, PEDICURE!!! I said to Skylar I needed one today. And I want a manicure again too.

I miss you so much it hurts sometimes!

JessaLu said...

Wonderful stash!

Karen said...

That last pic is HOT!